Monday, November 29, 2010

Offermatic Review

*** Update: It seems Offermatic is no longer around and they have become a site called MyLinkables. I have tried and tried and tried to connect my debit card to MyLinkables and haven't been able to. I contacted customer support and they just keep telling me I should be able to do it but everytime I try it still doesn't work. I'm leaving this post up for information purposes only.***

Offermatic is a new site where you can register any of your debit and credit cards and based on your shopping activity you can sign up for offers and get cash back rebates.

The idea is that instead of marketing offers to the masses, just offer them to the people you know will probably use them. For instance, if you shop at a certain store a lot or you buy a certain type of product all the time, then Offermatic will use that information to match you to deals or discounts you might really be interested in.

You can also earn points which earn you gift cards. As of right now you can earn 150 points for each card you list on your account (you can have up to 4 cards). You get 200 points for every friend that joins and you can get points for "liking" them on facebook and following them on twitter.

I haven't been using Offermatic for very long, but so far it seems to be a really cool site. I've read tons of great reviews about it as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of deals and discounts they will offer me as I use my cards more and build up a shopping history.

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