Saturday, January 8, 2011

Make Money on Facebook with AppBank

***Update: There have been some issues lately with people not being able to contact appbank, not getting paid, etc. Please check out my latest post about appbank here.***

***Update 2: My apps have been removed from facebook so I'm not earning anything anymore and that combined with the complete lack of updates from the company, non existent customer service, etc. I have to assume they've completely gone out of business.*** 

AppBank is a site that lets you make apps for facebook. It's pretty easy to use. You just sign up for the site, add their app to your facebook account, and that's pretty much it. You don't have to know anything about programming because they have app templates that you can use. Some examples of the types of apps you can make include name decoding apps, quizzes, games (the kind where you have to "hit" your opponent within a certain amount of days or they win), gifting apps, and quotes.

Once you publish your app, you have to get at least 10 people to use it (should be pretty easy, this is facebook we're talking about after all) and then you can submit it to the facebook app directory. The app will show advertisements each time it's used and that is how you make money.

So how much money can you make? I have not been paid by AppBank yet (you have to have $5 in your account to get paid). I've made 4 apps so far (a Criminal Minds trivia quiz, A movie trivia quiz, a music trivia quiz, and a "funny faces" gifting app). I haven't done a whole lot to promote them (other than bugging a few of my friends to take my quizzes lol). I started using AppBank in October 2010 and so far I'm only up to about $1.73. I'm earning anywhere between $0.02-$0.07 a day. That isn't much, but considering that it's completely passive income (except for actually making the apps, which only takes a few minutes) and that I have only made 4 apps so far, I'm pretty happy about it.

I'm pretty excited about AppBank and I plan on making more quizzes and apps as soon as I can. I think this could be a great way to make some extra money (especially if you had an idea that really caught on).


  1. I'm curious how this is working out for you now that it's been a little longer.

  2. My earnings have slowed down quite a bit (they weren't that great to begin with) but I'm only up to $2.17 total, and you have to have at least $5 to cash out. But I haven't made anymore apps at all and I haven't done much to promote them, so maybe if someone came up with an idea for an app that would get really popular they'd make a lot of money, but so far I'm only earning about a penny every other day. (I was making about .02 to .07 a day.)

  3. I mean I haven't made any MORE apps since writing this post.

  4. hey..did anyone get paid already? mine was still pending since 12 months, I have a total of 17$ pending in my account..heres my new application made

  5. I haven't been paid yet, but I've only made about $3.75 and you have to have at least $5 to get paid. I know they have to have your tax information on file before they will pay maybe that is the issue?

  6. I am unable to create actual facebook and related appbank design and it publish , show the best way how can I success and earn money, thanks.

  7. Kirtinath, I'm not sure what you mean... All you have to do is sign up for an account on and when you click "create an app" it will redirect you to the app that they have on facebook that lets you make apps. Then you just follow the directions and make your app. You have to follow the directions very carefully on publishing your app. Then after it's published you have to get at least 5 friends to use it and then you can submit it to the app directory so other people can find it and use it too.

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