Sunday, January 9, 2011

Offermatic Introduces Savings Levels

*** Update: It seems Offermatic is no longer around and they have become a site called MyLinkables. I have tried and tried and tried to connect my debit card to MyLinkables and haven't been able to. I contacted customer support and they just keep telling me I should be able to do it but everytime I try it still doesn't work. I'm leaving this post up for information purposes only.***

A while back I wrote about a site called OfferMatic. (See that review here.) Well now they also have "savings levels". Basically, as you accumulate more and more points you can use those points to "unlock" higher levels of savings. As of right now, I have 276 points. I will need 4,000 points to move up to level 2.

I still haven't been using OfferMatic long enough to know how well it works. So far they have offered me a $5 CVS rebate (but I haven't had a chance to shop there yet). But I do love CVS so it seems like they're doing a pretty good job of sending me offers that I'm actually interested in.

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