Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got my $10 JC Penny Gift Card!

Me...not looking goofy at all. :)
Yesterday I got a $10 JC Penny Gift card from MyPoints! If you're not familiar with MyPoints, it's a site where you get points for shopping online, taking surveys, clicking on e-mails, and more! I've been using them since October 2009 and I've gotten every single gift card I've ever redeemed points for. I've been dieting for a while (a little off topic, I know...but I started out at 200 pounds and I'm down to 175! Trying to get to 140...) and I'm saving up all my gift cards so I can go on a shopping spree when I get down to my goal weight. So far I have 2 $10 JC Penny cards, a $10 TJ Maxx card, a $10 Kohl's card, and a $25 Lane Bryant card.

In other news, I also ordered a necklace from Modnique the other day and only paid $5.95 shipping (I had $5 store credit just from signing up and I think I used a coupon code as well, but anyway... here it is!

Sorry the pic is so blurry. The batteries died in my good camera so I had to use my web cam. But not bad for 5 bucks! :)

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