Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movie Review of Battle Los Angeles

Monday my boyfriend and I went to see the movie Battle Los Angeles. It was a pretty decent movie. Not as good as I expected, but still pretty good. If you can't tell from the previews, Battle Los Angeles is your good, old fashioned action movie. Although the character line up is pretty diverse (which is awesome), there isn't a whole lot of character development (which sucks). You learn a little bit about each of the characters in the beginning of the movie, but the action starts before you get to know them very well.

The movie is mostly focused on one main character, SSgt. Michael Nantz (played by Aaron Eckhart). If you're a fan of Aaron Eckhart, then you'll really enjoy this film. He is a great actor and he did an amazing job in this movie.

Battle Los Angeles doesn't play around when getting into the action. Pretty much right away they show people watching news channels and learning about these mysterious meteors that are going to crash into the ocean. But NASA and the military know somethings up. They start preparing for a possible attack right away.

The plot is pretty simple. Aliens invade our planet and start killing people and blowing stuff up. The military has to fight them. The entire movie is basically about a group of marines fighting the aliens. The marines are trying to get to some civilians at a police station. No one really knows anything about the aliens except that they seem to be invading our planet to use our resources. You never manage to get a very good look at any of the aliens either. Most of the time, when they show one of the aliens the camera is really shaky or the alien gets blown up before you really get to see it. On one hand that is kind of cool because it helps build suspense and makes the movie more realistic. Because lets face it, if you were trying to kill aliens and stuff was blowing up around you left and right, you wouldn't be taking the time to gawk at an alien either. But on the other hand, you eventually want to see a freakin' alien! I mean really see one!

Despite all the violence and explosions, there was a surprising lack of human gore. (Not that I'm complaining, I just find that interesting.) Of course, there are injuries in the movie and they do show people getting hurt, but I don't recall seeing any really gruesome injuries. Normally in a movie like this you would see blood and body parts all over the place. (Now, don't get me wrong. There is some gore, just not the amount you usually see in action movies like this.) The movie is still pretty realistic though. (The special effects are amazing, by the way.) The only real gore that takes place is when they're trying to figure out how to kill the aliens. They have the body of an injured one and they're ripping it open and stabbing it in various places to figure out where its heart is (or if it even has one). But I don't really consider that to be gore though because the blood wasn't red like human blood and aliens don't exist (as far as we know, anyway.) ;)

There are a few tender, emotional scenes in this movie. I'd tell you about them, but that might give too much away.

So to sum everything up...
  • I give Battle Los Angeles an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars.
  • Blood and guts? - Not too much. You do see some injuries but you don't see anything really bad.
  • Explosions? - The whole movie is pretty much one giant explosion.
  • Emotional? - Not much at all. There are a few key moments but for the most part, this movie is about fighting and explosions.
  • Plot? - Very simple. Stop the aliens from killing us. Seriously, that's pretty much it. No major plot twists or anything, just a very straightforward alien butt kicking fest.
So...run to the theater, Netflix, or pass? I have to say if you love action movies then see it in the theater if you get a chance, but don't clear your schedule for it. Otherwise, wait for it to come to Netflix.

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