Friday, April 1, 2011

Tostitos Artisan Recipes Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a bag of the new line of chips from Tostitos called Artisan Recipes. I'm on the go a lot, so I had to run in the store to pick up my bag while I was on my way to work. I'm not sure how long this line of chips have been out, but the first thing I noticed was that there weren't very many bags on the shelf. Tostitos Artisan Recipes come in two flavors - Roasted Garlic & Black Bean and Fire-Roasted Chipotle. There were only a few bags of the Fire-Roasted Chipotle left, so I grabbed one and checked out.

I couldn't resist trying them before I got to work. I'm not going to be a tease let me tell you, these chips are awesome! They're spicy, but not too spicy, and they're very flavorful. Maybe it's just me, but with a lot of chips it seems like you're just eating them for the sake of eating. Maybe they hold you over until you get some real food or a tastier snack, but eventually you don't even notice you're eating them anymore. They're just kind of there. But these Fire-Roasted Chipotle chips never get boring as you're eating them. Plus, they have a very unique flavor compared to a lot of other chips that are out right now. These are the chips you'll eat at a party or while visiting a friend and actually say "Wow, where did you get these?!".

You also don't need to worry about buying dip to go with these chips. I'm sure any kind of dip would taste great with them, but these chips are able to stand on their own.

One of the big reasons these chips are so delicious is that they're made from 100% natural ingredients which are added right into the chips, along with a unique blend of 9 flavorful grains. And here is a random fact that I'm sure no one cares about except me...but something else I love about these chips is that your fingers don't get covered in what I like to call "chip dirt". You know, the flavor stuff that gets caked onto your fingers and you can't do anything else while eating because you'll get that stuff on everything. That didn't happen while eating these chips. I guess that's because the flavor really is baked in rather than sprinkled on top.

I let a few people at work try them and they all agreed that they were great. I found it really hard not to eat the whole bag, but I knew I wanted to save them for my family's redecorating/spring cleaning party. My mom and dad have been wanting to clean out the clutter in their bedroom, paint and redecorate for the longest time. They wanted me and some of our other family to help and since we don't get to see each other very often we decided to make an event of it.

So we played music, joked around, cleaned, organized, and painted. When we were done we had some burgers and our Fire-Roasted Chipotle chips and sat back and admired our work. The chips were a big hit. I have a feeling after this that those last few bags I saw at the store are going to be snatched up very soon!

I received a coupon for a free bag of Tostitos Artisan Recipes from The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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