Sunday, May 8, 2011

Straight Talk Cell Phone Plan Review

I've been using a regular TracFone (Straight Talk is also owned by the same people that own TracFone) for quite some time now and it's really been driving me nuts. Most of the time the only people that call my phone are people from the office, but I really hate talking on the phone about something that is really important and at the same time I'm thinking "Wow, I hope my minutes don't run out..." No one wants to be rude to a supervisor or coworker by saying "I know this is really important but can ya speed it up? I'm on my last few minutes here!"

It was really inconvenient for me because although you can buy 30 minutes for 30 days for about $10, it appears you can only do that online. But I would often be at work and have to buy more minutes directly from my phone (we don't have internet where I work) and for some reason (at least on my phone) the only way to do that is to buy at least 60 minutes for $20. So I was constantly spending twenty bucks here and twenty bucks there.

So I finally decided to get a Straight Talk plan. They have 2 plans. The first one is called the "All you need plan". It is only $30 a month and includes 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts or picture messages, and 30MB of mobile web access. The other plan (which is the one I have) is their unlimited plan. For $45 a month you get unlimited everything. Unlimited minutes, texts, and mobile web access. When I was having to constantly buy $20 worth of minutes on my old TracFone I was easily spending at least $60 a month so this is a great deal for me.

The best part of Straight Talk is that you can switch between plans as needed and you can choose to buy a service card every month before your minutes run out or you can sign up for automatic refill with your debit or credit card. That is another reason I'm excited about Straight Talk because I'm a really busy person and it's hard for me to remember when I need to buy more minutes, so I'll definitely be using automatic refill. And of course, either way you do it, there is NO CONTRACT! How great is that?

You can buy Straight Talk phones at Walmart or you can do what I did and buy online at
If you're going to get a Straight Talk phone I highly recommend buying online. Why you ask? Because you can save money.

How to Save Money on Your Straight Talk Phone with Shop At Home!

When I bought my phone I went to first. You may remember my review of Shop At Home...if not then click here to read about it. ShopAtHome is a cash back site. They claim to be the best cash back site around. If you find a better cash back offer at another site, just tell them about it and they'll beat it. Shop At Home also has lots of coupons so no matter what it is you're buying, chances are you'll be able to find a coupon to use when you check out which will help you save even more. And even if you don't find any coupons there, you should still do a google search, just in case (which is exactly what I did, as you'll see).

So I went to and found that they were offering 18% cash back at Straight Talk. I clicked through to the Straight Talk site and picked out my phone and a service plan card. The phone I bought is a Samsung R335C, which is just about the coolest non-smart phone you'll find. I bought a refurbished one so it only cost me $20. The new ones go for about $80 .

Then before checking out I opened another browser window and did a google search for Straight Talk coupons. I found one that said they would sent you a free gift card to a restaurant of your choice. That was the only coupon I found, so I went ahead and used it.

So my total came to $65 and I got 18% cash back so I saved $11.70. So my real total came to $53.30    AND they sent me a code to use on for a $20 gift card to a restaurant. They had a pretty good selection and my boyfriend and I settled on Outback Steakhouse.

So I saved $11.70 on the phone and I'll save $20 on a dinner later on. Not bad  for doing a little bit of searching around online. :)

If you're not a member of Shop At Home, I highly recommend you sign up. If you sign up please use my referral link here.


  1. I have used the unlimited plan for the last year and it has worked great. Excellent reception and good service overall. Which Samsung is that? I am looking for a smartphone with a QWERTY key pad. Definitely agree with the article. It is hard to find a better value than $45 unlimited everything. Any other recommendations on a smartphone with a QWERTY keypad?

  2. Thanks for the comment. :)

    Here is a link to a review for the Samsung R335C (which is the phone I have) and it does have a full QWERTY keyboard. I'm really pleased with the phone and the service, I haven't had any problems at all. $45 is a great deal for unlimited everything...with the economy being down you'd think more cell phone companies would following in Straight Talk's path and offer similar plans but there are still tons of companies with outrageous bills and still making people sign contracts. That is one of the biggest reasons I like Straight can sign up for automatic bill payment but with no contract :)

    I don't have any other recommendations for QWERTY phones, but most of the slider phones have a QWERTY keyboard these days, so I'd keep my eye on those types of phones. I hope you find one you like soon. :)


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