Friday, July 1, 2011

Extra Money I Made in June!

It's July 1st! Which means it's time for me to post my monthly extra income stats. As usual, I've been super busy and haven't had that much time to dedicate to these sites...but here we go!

Consumer Opinion Institute - $2 (Doing marketing surveys sent through the mail.)
Associated Content - $2.26 (Residual income for a few articles I posted throughout the years.)
Slice the Pie - $13.80 (Get paid to listen to and rate music.) (Update: I no longer recommend this site, click here to see why.)
Tone A Day - $1.90 (No longer a good way to make money. See my note below...) - $4 (Taking surveys.)
Beezag - $8 (Get paid to watch videos.)
Social Spark - $23 (Get paid to post reviews on your blog.)
Selling Mark. products - $8.40 (See my comment about that below...)

So I made a total of $63.36. Not too bad...I think this is the most money I've made in a single month just by doing stuff online.

I also made $15 in Borders Rewards from

So about Tone A Day. Tone A Day is a site that lets people rate how certain words make them feel emotionally. It sounds kind of silly, but there is a use for it. Companies that send out e-mails and marketing material in the mail want to get a good idea of what words they should use. Anyway, I signed up with them a while back when they were still paying people to rate words. Now they don't pay people for rating, they have contests and stuff. I think there may still be some people getting paid, but you have to get accepted into certain campaigns. Anyway, I made the payout limit MONTHS ago and requested payment. They never paid me. I e-mailed them several times and they kept saying it was pending. I finally gave up. Then the other day, just out of curiosity, I logged in and tried to request payment again. And they actually paid me! But as I already said, now they just expect people to work for free so as far as I'm concerned it is a waste of time.

And about selling Mark...I love it! I plan on writing a post about it later on to explain some things in greater detail. But for now I'm spreading the word and trying to get my new Mark Girl Kristy blog going. If you're interested in buying any Mark products please do so from my store. Click here to check it out.

In other news, I am trying to figure out if the new site, Varolo, is any good. Varolo is a site that lets you make money by watching videos...but there is a catch. YOU don't directly make any money by watching videos. You have to grow your village (in other words, have a bunch of referrals) and those people have to watch the videos in order to make money for you. But then before you can cash out YOU have to watch the videos too. But watching videos with no referrals under your belt won't earn you a cent.

Anyway, I signed up but I don't have any referrals under me. So if anyone reading this would like to help me figure out if the site is worth using or not please sign up under me and watch some videos. A lot of people are promoting this site like crazy but unless I've actually been paid by a company, that's just not my thing. So please sign up under me, watch a few videos and please leave a comment or e-mail me and let me know! If you're interested in helping me with this experiment, click here to use my referral link.

So that's it for my monthly income update and experiments for now lol...I hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July! :)

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