Friday, September 30, 2011

I got my CashCrate Check!

I'm sure a lot of you have already heard of CashCrate, but if not, I'll fill ya in... CashCrate is a site that pays you to take surveys, click links, sign up for free (and trial) services, and more. They've been around a long time and I've heard nothing but good things about them, but as always, I prefer to wait until I KNOW for sure a company is legit before I recommend it to others.

So anyway, I am happy to report that I just got my check from them! Once you get at least $20 in your account they automatically send you a check. 

On cashcrate's site you can search for trial memberships to sign up for or you can search for offers that are 100% free. You can also make money by doing marketing surveys, watching videos, clicking on links, getting cash back for shopping and even referring others.

One word of caution though...if you do sign up for any trial memberships they usually require you to give them your credit card information. If you do this, MAKE SURE to keep track of what you sign up for and WHEN you need to cancel. Otherwise you will get charged for the regular membership or service fee and that defeats the purpose.

If you're wondering how I made my $20 I only signed up for free offers and clicked links. Seriously, that's it. I didn't refer a single person and I'm way too chicken to sign up for any trail memberships because I'm not exactly the most organized person these days. :)

But if you are interesting in signing up for cashcrate, I would really appreciate it if you clicked here and used my referral link. :)

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