Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Make Money Tweeting with Sponsored Tweets

If you have lots of followers on Twitter and you're not getting paid to tweet, then you're really missing out! There are sites that will let you tweet out advertisements and get paid for every click the ad gets. I've written about one of these sites before (MyLikes) but there is another one called Sponsored Tweets.

Although this post is about Sponsored Tweets, I think it's important to point out a few differences between the two sites. When I first started using MyLikes I was able to reach payout (which is only $2) about every week or every two weeks. But then all of a sudden I basically stopped making any money with MyLikes at all. I'm not sure why but I went from making about $8 a month to NOTHING. But that is my personal experience with them so I can't speak for all the other users. All I can say is that for a while it was a fun and easy way to make a few extra bucks each month, but sadly that is no longer the case for me...but anyway...

Sponsored Tweets works pretty much the same pick the ads you want to post and then you get paid for each click the ad receives. There is no minimum cash out limit, HOWEVER, they do charge you $2 to withdraw of any amount under $50. This is the same company that owns the site Social Spark (which pays you to blog) and Social Spark also charges $2. But the problem with this on Sponsored Tweets is that you only get paid a few cents per ad click, which means it can take quite some time to make over two dollars, let alone fifty! But as you guys know I prefer to find out if a site really pays or not as soon as possible so I went ahead and cashed here it measly $0.46...

Click to see larger version.
I actually made $2.46, but because of the $2 fee to withdraw amounts smaller than $50...this is what I ended up with. But I also have to point out that I haven't been as active lately on Twitter as I would like to be so I might have been able to make more if I had been tweeting as much as usual.

So to sum everything up...

Pros of Making Money with Sponsored Tweets
Easy to do.
Fun! :)
No minimum cashout (but see below...).
They have a referral program so there is potential to make even more money.
I was paid extremely fast! I had the money in my paypal account within minutes!

Cons of Using Sponsored Tweets
$2 fee to withdraw amounts less than $50.
Since you're only getting paid a few cents per ad click, it can take a long time to make over $2.

So this pretty much sums up my experience with Sponsored Tweets. It's up to you to decide if this opportunity is worth your while or not. But if you do join, please click here to use my referral link. :)

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