Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extra Monay I Made Online in November

Time for my monthly extra money income report! And this is usually when I justify my low earnings by explaining what's going on in my life (cause I know you guys are soooo interested lol). I've been taking 5 college courses and a CNA class at a nursing home which is 7 and half hours a day. I just finished my second day of clinicals. I am really enjoying it so far. :) But did I mention my feet and legs are killing me? lol Seriously...they're "locking up" on me in protest, I suppose. I forgot what "real work" was like lol... (A site where you post "gigs" that you will do for $5) - $7.84 (Great site...I will post a review of it later this month.)
Instant Cash Sweepstakes - $2.00 (Taking quick little surveys and winning points and cash. Click here to see my review. They also have a referral program so some of this was residual income)
Social Spark - $28.75 (Get paid to write sponsored blog posts. See my review here.)
Post Loop - $5.15 (Get paid to post on forums. Check out my original review here.)

So the total amount I made for November is $43.74.

I sold another item on my Zazzle store (Candy Kerosene)'s a phoenix print (click here to see) so I made $1.99 but that doesn't count for November because I can't cash out until the new year. (They send your money once you have $25 or more in your account. But if it's less than that you can cash out at the end of the year.)

I also redeemed a $5 gift card for from Swagbucks (but I haven't received it yet, so it doesn't count for November either.)

So what's comming up? I will most likely be able to cash out $5 from my AppBank account next month so I am looking foward to telling you guys about that. I am also checking out a "paid to click/do surveys" site called PaidTopia. I think I can reach the cashout limit next month. And the same goes for a similar site called SuperPoints. So I just might have 3 sites to tell you about next month.

And of course at the end of December you can expect to see my second "Making Extra Money Report" for the entire year. :)

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