Friday, November 4, 2011

Make Extra Money as an Avon Rep

With the holidays around the corner everyone could use some extra money. Why not sign up to be an Avon representative? I used to sell Avon and in fact, it was right around November when I signed up. I sold about $80 worth of products my very first day. Not bad for someone that just signed up and had no experience in direct sales. I think there are two reasons I made money that easy selling Avon. Number one, it was the holiday season and the people that bought from me were looking for Christmas gifts for their friends and family. Number two, Avon pretty much sales itself. It's such a well known product and if you see an Avon magazine laying around somewhere you just know you're going to look through it. (You know I'm right ladies! lol) The only reason I stopped selling it was because I was a full time college student, I was working on an ambulance 72 hours a week...and then I became engaged and planning a wedding on top of all that was just a little too much. (The engagement fell through, just in case you're wondering lol).

A lot of people are afraid to sign up because "everyone and their mother" sells Avon but that's not exactly true. Yes, just about everyone in the world has signed up to sell Avon at some point...but you'd be amazed by how many people give up because money didn't just fall into their lap. Even though Avon is a great company with a great product, you do have to put in some effort just like you would with any kind of business or job. On top of that, some people just provide really awful customer service. One of the woman that bought from me told me that she had "another Avon lady" but she wasn't going to buy from her anymore because she didn't deliver her products to her.

So if you put in the effort to let people know that you're selling Avon and provide great customer service you can make money (especially this time of year).

Any of you guys have experience selling Avon? I'd love to know what everyone thinks! :)

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