Friday, December 30, 2011

Extra Money I Made in December.

It's a bit early to post this since the month isn't quite over...but I'll be posting my extra money report for the year of 2011 soon so I thought I'd do this month a little early.

I don't normally post much about my personal life, but I have been super stressed out so it's going to feel good to say I finished the fall semester at college with an A in Medical Ethics, an A in Phlebotomy I, a B in both Computer Applications and Biology and a C in Biology Lab.

I was really struggling with that Biology Lab class, so this is a huge load off lol...

I also finished a CNA class and I'll be taking my certification exam in January.  :)

Okay, now time for the real reason you're here lol...

YouData (Paid to click and view ads, get paid every Friday)  -  $0.09
Yahoo Contributor Network (Residual income from articles)  -  $1.77
Instant Cash Sweepstakes (Paid to take small surveys)  -  $2.01
Post Loop (Paid to post on forums)  -  $5.11
A survey from a company called Global LLC  -  $25
Signing up for the new service (similar to Paypal) called Serve  -  $10.00 (The were giving $10 as a thanks for signing up.

So I made a total of $43.98.

I also got a $5 gift card to Target for taking a survey (but I can't remember which survey company it was lol).

*EDIT* Looks like I really did post this too soon. I didn't expect to get any more money but today I was paid $20 for a sponsored blog post (from Bucks2Blog) and I got a $10 check from Serve. (The other day they had a trivia question and if you got it right they said they'd send you an extra $10. So I ended up getting $20 from Serve.)

So my real total for December ended up being $73.98.
I doubt I'll have reason to post again before the new I hope everyone has a great New Year! :)


  1. congrats on the grades! You will never regret studying! I am a new follower..pls follow back if you can. Than ks for the information in this post! I am slowly learning..

  2. Hi, thanks for following me and I'm following you on GFC :)

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    I also host a Weekend Blog Hop. Stop by and link up!!

    Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

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  5. Thats great news.....I am really happy for you. I am enjoying reading of your post. I will also try to earn extra money using yours shared tips :))


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