Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is Appbank a Scam?

***Update: There have recently been some issues with appbank. If you are considering using them you might want to check out my latest post here.***

***Update 2:  My apps have been removed from facebook so I'm not earning anything there anymore. That along with the complete lack of updates from the company, customer service, etc. has lead me to believe they've gone out of business.***

I've written about Appbank before and just in case you aren't familiar with it, you can sign up for their site and make apps for people to use on facebook and you make residual income from the advertising that is shown on the app pages. I first signed up for Appbank around October of 2009. I made a few apps including a Criminal Minds trivia quiz, movie trivia, music trivia, and a "funny faces" gifting app. Now I'll be the first to admit that my apps aren't that great. I doubt I'll ever be lucky enough to come up with an idea that really "catches on" lol...but I messed around and made these apps, bugged a few friends to use them and publish them to their wall, and once I had at least 10 people that used it I submitted them to the facebook app directory. (You have to have 10 people use it before you can submit it.)

So that was pretty much it. After that I didn't really do any promotion or work on any more apps. I don't like the idea of doing a lot of work when you're not sure you'll really get paid for it. Despite all the positive reviews a site or program might have, I prefer to wait until I actually get paid before promoting it.

So anyway, the real thing everyone wants to much money did I make and did they actually pay me? I made $5.04. Yes, you read that right lol...only 5 bucks. Not that great considering that it took about 15 months to make that much money. But on the other hand, if you consider that I only made a few apps, didn't bother to try to come up with anything brilliant that would catch on, and did very little promotion, I'd say that 5 bucks isn't too bad. Aside from actually making them (which isn't hard at all and not really that time consuming) that money was completely residual.

So what kind of apps can you make? You can make different types of quizzes, name decoding apps, games (where you have to "hit" your opponent within a certain amount of time, or they win), quotes, and gifting apps.

So if you use facebook a lot and have a good grip on what people like, you could possible make a pretty good amount of money with appbank. I enjoyed making the apps I made and now that I have proof that they do pay, I plan on making a few more.


  1. Hi, I'm an appbank application creator(application developer), It is true, they paid me every 15th and 30th day of every month.

  2. I go to sign into my acount and this message pops up: (this is a screen shot and post I wrote about it)

    I have also heard people having problems getting paid. Is everything still going okay with you guys? Before I get REALLY into this I want to make sure it's still legit. Thanks.

    1. I'm not sure what is going on with them right now. I am getting that same message when I visit their site (but I am stupid so I continue anyway) and I can log in and everything. I'm no where near close to cash out (I only have about $3.27 in my account) so I don't know if anyone is having trouble getting paid or not. (I'll do some google searching later to see what I come up with).

      I do know that I got an e-mail that said it was from facebook telling me that I need to remove my "music trivia" app because it has ads that facebook doesn't allow. So I contacted appbank on their site asking them about it and I've never gotten a response. I didn't think too much of it at the time but now I'm starting to wonder. I hate to say it but it sounds like they may be doing under or turning into a scam. I'll have to check into it some more and see if I can find out what's going on with them.

  3. I have been with Appbank since October of 2010 and well I waited until June of 2012 before I actually tried to get paid I was waiting until I get over 100.00 which I finally did. Ok I see you can't get paid unless you submit a w-9 form on file with them. So that's what I did. I logged into my account and it still says its not on file. I have been trying to contact them since June, by email and on Facebook and no one will contact me back. I have never gotten paid, its been almost 2 months since I submitted my W-9 form but its seems like no one exist at appbank anymore. There use to be a time when if I had problems with an app they would contact me right back but now nothing. I don't know what is going on with them no one will say anything.

    1. I hate to hear that you're having so much trouble getting paid. :( After the girl in the comments above you posted what she did I decided to try to get a hold of someone at appbank to ask them about what is going on and I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone either.

      I agree, it's as if appbank turned into a ghost town all of a sudden. It seems there are no recent updates on their site or on any of their social media accounts.

      Pretty soon I'm going to update the information about appbank on this blog to reflect the problems everyone seems to be having.

  4. I'm back to report that I guess Appbank don't exist anymore, at least none of my apps. I had 5 apps altogether. I have over 500 in my account and never got paid. I tried last year to get paid and no one never contacted me. Now none of my apps exist anymore, they were gone off Facebook completely. So I guess Appbank went down or a scam or something or Facebook remove all Appbank apps. If I go to their Facebook page and click on a link to an app it says page unknown or don't exist something to that nature I forget the complete wording. Hate I spent all that time and never got one dime of my money. I had about 517.00 in my account. That was a accumulation from Oct. 2010 when I made my Happy Birthday app. Sad never got paid and I needed that money so bad. This was a way for me to be creative, put a smile on someone face and try to earn a little bill spending money. Disabled and on a small income, but well never got paid and now they are gone! :(


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