Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review of L'Oreal Couleur Expert in Light Ash Brown/French Eclair

I've been pretty short on money lately due to not having a full time job but fortunately, I still have ways to make money online and that helps out a lot. I've been wanting to do something different with my hair forever but unfortunately I can't afford to go to a salon right now. (The last time I had my hair colored at a salon it was about $80.)

So I decided to pick up L'Oreal Paris Couleur Experte Express in Light Ash Brown/French Éclair 6.1. It's a highlighting kit that comes with a dark brown base color and highlighting bleach. My hair is pretty dark but I went ahead used the base color and noticed no difference in color at all, although it made my hair super shiny and soft. Then I did the highlights.

I gotta say, I love the color the highlights turned out. So as far as color goes, I'm 100% satisfied. For some reason in some of my photos it looks a bit reddish, but it's not. In person it really does look just like the model on the box. It came out a very pretty, goldenish looking blonde.

As far as the little mascara wand looking tool and the thing you can put on your finger to put the highlights on...that crap is terrible. If you use one of these kits I DO NOT recommend using either one of those things. I also don't recommend using a bare finger lol (I know, I'm stupid) cause that made my finger hurt like crap for a few days. (In defense of L'Oreal, that is why they provide you with gloves in every kit, so I'm not complaining lol...)

I tried using the mascara wand and the finger tip thing and my results weren't that great. It is just WAY too hard to get the bleach to cover each strand of hair completely and both tools kept getting stuck in my hair...ugh, it was just terrible. When I was finished I had some blotchy places and it didn't look that great.

FORTUNATELY, I still had some bleach left over from the kit and I decided to just use a plain old paint brush. So I used the paint brush to fix the blotchy strands and I added a few more highlights (mostly cause I actually could now without struggling like crazy).

It still didn't turn out perfect (and I do NOT recommend doing this alone, get someone to help you, especially if you have long hair), but overall I think it looks pretty good.

Here's my hair before...as you can see it's fairly dark...

And here are some after pics...

This is with the flash on.

This is with the flash off...

As you can see, it didn't make my hair drastically lighter or anything but I think it livens up my hair some. :)

So overall, I'm pretty happy with it. If you decide to use one of these kits, I would also pick up a small paint brush to put the highlights on and like I said above, get someone to help you.

***Update:  Since using this kit on my hair I have also used Feria Deep Bronzed Brown. If you'd like to see how it turned out click here.***

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