Monday, July 30, 2012

Extra Money I Made Online in July

Here's the breakdown of the extra cash I made this month...

Yahoo! Contributor Network  -  $3.39 (Not much, but completely passive income for a handful of articles I posted throughout the years.)
Cash Crate  -  $21.82 (Get paid to take surveys, click ads, sign up for offers, watch videos, etc. I really like this site. I do wish the payout limit was lower, but other than that I think this is one of the best "get paid to" sites out there.)
Humanatic  -  $17.39 (Get paid to tag phone calls as business opportunities or not.)
Pinecone Research  -  $9.00 (Get $3 for every survey you take. I highly recommend them if you can get on with them, but they're not always accepting people.)
Opinion Place  -  $3.75 (Another survey site.)
Super Points  -  $10.00 (Another "get paid to" site. See my review here.)

So in all I made a total of $65.35 extra cash.

I also got a $10 gift card to JC Penny from MyPoints and 2 bottles of 5-hour energy from Smiley360 to test out and review. Smiley360 is similar to BzzAgent. They send you free stuff to try and give your honest opinion about. If you'd like to sign up click my referral link here (or if you'd rather not sign under a referral just go to

Some thoughts on these money making sites...

This is the first payment I've gotten in quite a while from Yahoo! Contributor Network. In fact, the last payment I got from them was in December of last year ($1.77). I was really starting to wonder if I'd ever see another payment lol...

This is the first month I haven't gotten any sponsored post assignments from Social Spark. I have been getting leads but not official offers. Not sure if that is a coincidence or if it has to do with the recent Google changes that have been taking place. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come because I really enjoy using Social Spark.

Another thing I've been working on is HubPages. If you aren't familar with HubPages, it's a site where you sign up to write "hubs" or articles and you can make residual income from their ad program, google adsense, amazon products and ebay products (if you're an affiliate of those sites). I've been a member there forever but only just recently decided to take it seriously and try to make any money. I haven't been paid by them yet. (You guys know how important I think it is to disclose that when talking about any money making sites...) You have to have at least $50 to get a payment (as of today I have $8.55 in my account) but from what I've seen they always pay people and so far I haven't seen any complaints about the site yet.

This is my profile on there if anyone is interested. I don't have a whole lot of content yet but I'm working on it. I'm just seriously, I am trying to motivate myself more to write there.

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