Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Got $10 from Super Points!

( payment proof. Click to see larger version.)

*Update - 11/28/12 - SuperPoints has closed down.*

I just got $10 from SuperPoints. Super Points is a pretty cool site that lets you earn points for doing various things such as clicking on their "super lucky button" (which gives you the chance to win random points), completing offers, watching videos, printing coupons and doing surveys. You redeem your points for various gift cards or paypal cash. (It is similar to another "get paid to" site called Cash Crate, which I also love. I also just got a $21 check in the mail from them.)

There are different levels of membership. I am a "basic" member. Basic members have to have at least 1,000 points before you can get anything. As with any site that has different levels for its members, the higher levels have more "perks". You can move up to a higher level by inviting friends to join with your referral link and you also win the same amount of points your friends win or earn. (For a really good explanation of how the levels work, click here to visit their membership information page.)

So far I really like this site. It's pretty easy to earn points and it took about a week for me to get my paypal payment.

If you're interested in joining SuperPoints click here (my referral link) or if you'd rather not use my link just go to


  1. I feel like I've started winning less lately on the Superlucky button! Don't you?
    And what do you of the Gifthulk's Treasure box, it's basically the same feature? Better? Worse?
    It seems that they are the only once(other than Superpoints) having a free-to-win feature, I would love to hear your opinion on that!

    1. You know, I have an account with Gifthulk but not too long after I signed up they went through this big site redesign and stuff and I forgot all about them and haven't logged on since lol...I'll have to get back on there and see what it's like now that they've redone everything. :)

    2. I don't know where else to post this so I'll just ask here; how do I get referals on these sites!!? I've had no luck with word of mouth or Facebook.

    3. The only place I really promote any of these sites is here on my blog and on my twitter account. I have a facebook fan page for this blog as well and I have some followers on there so people may see my posts and sign up. A fan page is a bit different than your regular facebook profile.

      I recommend starting a blog, getting a twitter account and facebook fan page as well. Try to get followers for your blog (one of the best ways to do that is by joining "blog hops" and just good old fashion commenting and leaving your link). I hope this helps some. Good luck. :)

  2. I recommand Gifthulk as well kristy, it's so easy to earn right now, and compared to superpoints, the price to redeem somthing is so low!


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