Friday, August 3, 2012

Beezag is Closing Down

I've written before about a site called Beezag. They pay you to watch videos. I recently got an e-mail from them (and if you're a member you probably got it as well, but if not, this is it in a nutshell)...they are closing the site down. Not sure when exactly but if you have at least 2,000 points in your account you can go ahead and cash out until November. 

I had close to 8,000 points (I forgot the exact amount) and tried to cash out the exact amount but it wouldn't let me. It kept saying you must use multiples of 1,000. So I just went ahead and cashed out 7,000 which is equal to $7.00. I think it's wrong not to give me ALL my points but I'm not going to waste time getting all fussy over less than a dollar. But still...we should be able to get every cent they owe us. Just sayin'. 

So if you have at least 2,000 points in your account, I'd go ahead and cash out.

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