Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Is Going on With Appbank?

***Update:  My apps have been removed from facebook so I'm not earning anything there anymore. That along with the complete lack of updates from the company, customer service, etc. has lead me to believe they've gone out of business.*** is a site I've used and written about before. If you aren't familiar with them, you make apps and quizzes to post on facebook and they put advertising on them and you can make some residual income. If you'd like to see what I've written about them before check out my very first post about them here or read about the other post I made when I actually got my first payout from them here

The thing is I did get paid from them, back in January 2012. You have to have at least $5 to get paid and I was paid $5.04. As of right now I have about $3.80 in my account and I only earn pennies a day so I am no where near close to payout.

But there have been some major problems with appbank lately and people are trying to figure out if they have become a scam. I honestly don't know yet (but I am learning toward yes). As a matter of fact, just read some of the comments here on my blog about appbank and you'll see that people are having trouble getting paid.

Here are some things you should know right now if you are considering using appbank...

1. Their security certificate has expired. Just now when I went to log in and check my balance I was greeted with a not so friendly big red webpage about it, but I continued anyway and as far as I can tell nothing bad happened. But'd think they would actually give a crap about stuff like that, right?

2. You can see some complaints on their facebook community page about people not getting paid, not being able to contact anyone at appbank, delayed payments, etc.

3. I recently received an e-mail from facebook that said one of my quizzes, Music Trivia, had ads from an unapproved advertiser on it and that if it wasn't taken care of facebook was going to remove the app. I e-mailed appbank about it and never got a response. But apparently my app is still there and there is a message on appbank's facebook page stating that if you got an e-mail like that not to worry about it because they were fixing all the issues.

4. Since a large part of what I do on this blog is test out "making money sites" and report my findings and results here, I decided to try to contact them myself to ask them about these issues. I e-mailed their facebook page and asked them about all these problems they seem to be having and I still haven't gotten a response.

5. It looks like appbank is being neglected in general. The last blog post on their page was 12/16/2011. It looks like their last Twitter update was in 2010. But their last facebook update was July 2012 and was a message about how everyone was getting the "unapproved ads" messages from facebook but before that the last update they made was in March 2012.

In conclusion, at this point I can't say they have turned into a scam or shut down, but they are clearly having some major problems. I will keep you guys posted on whether or not I get paid when I reach payout or if they ever write me back to answer the questions I sent them.

What is your experience with appbank lately? Have you been able to get paid?


  1. I just read your page and I have been with Appbank since October 2010. I waited all the way until March of 2012 to request payment for my apps. I waited until I had over 100 bucks. I submitted my information at the site where I logged in and well I have never gotten paid. I now have like 460 in my account that I really need. I have numerous of times to contact them and they never answer back and I never got paid. So sad because I need that money to pay some bills. I think they have turn into a scam or something!

    1. That's awful. I hate to hear that...the weird thing is that the last time I reached the minimum payout level they paid me automatically but I honestly didn't expect to get paid because they have completely stopped communicating with people and they haven't done any news updates or anything since 2011. But I don't make much on takes me months just to reach the $5 cashout limit. Perhaps they won't pay you because it's a large sum of money and they don't want to, which is really messed up. But I've been amazed that they have paid me at all but due to all of the problems they're having with not communicating, etc. and you saying you haven't been paid (a lot of other people are complaining about it too) I don't recommend getting involved with the site anymore.


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