Sunday, September 30, 2012

Extra Money I Made Online September 2012

Time for my monthly extra money income we go...  -  $2.50 (Get paid to take surveys.)
Instant Cash Sweepstakes  -  $2.00 (Get paid to take tiny polls.)
Social Spark  -  $32.55 (Get paid to write sponsored blog posts.)
Humanatic  -  $12.08 (Get paid to listen to and tag business calls.)
Jingit  -  $3.94 (Get paid to watch video ads.)  -  $0.10 (Get paid to click ads, take surveys, cash back for shopping, etc.)
Pinecone Research  -  $3.00 (Get paid to take surveys.)

Total amount - $56.17

I don't know what to think about Jingit yet. For a while there were always at least one or two ads a day...but then there were no ads at all for quite some time. Then again there was another spell where I was getting at least one ad a day but there haven't been any ads on there for a week or so now... I know the site is sort of new and that may explain the lack of ads but I remember back when I first signed up for (a get paid to click on ads site) and when there were no ads they said it was because they were still new but all this time later there are still almost never any ads to click. So who knows? And there is one other thing I don't like about Jingit (as I stated in my review the other day). I don't think you should have to use their debit card to spend your money. Why can't they just send it to your paypal account or send you a check? Oh well, money is money no matter how you look at it, but having to use their separate debit card is just an unnecessary annoyance.

Things are pretty much the same at Humanatic. They dropped by my blog the other day and posted in the comments on another post and said that if you need more calls to rate you can e-mail them and they'll push more calls through to you. I haven't done that yet so for me sometimes there are lots of calls to tag and sometimes none at all.

I'm still working on building up a passive income on Hubpages. Last month I made $4.43 with 14 hubs published and this month I added 3 more hubs and I made $5.20. Not a huge difference but it seems my monthly earnings are going up, at least a bit. :)

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