Monday, October 29, 2012

Extra Money I Made Online in October

Time for my monthly extra income report. I'm posting this two days early because I don't expect to get any more money before November, but if I do I'll come back and update. Here we go...

Yahoo! Contributor Network (Get paid for writing articles, passive income.)  -  $1.63
Postloop (Get paid to post in forums.)  -  $5.00
Paidviewpoint (Get paid to take small surveys.)  -  $15.02
Sponsored Tweets (Get paid to tweet ads.)  -  $1.96
Humanatic (Get paid to listen to and tag phone calls, no phone needed.)  -  $107.02
Jingit (Get paid to watch ads.)  -  $1.20
Pinecone Research (Get paid to take surveys.)  -  $9.00
Superpoints (Get paid to take surveys, do offers, etc.)  -  $5.00

So this month my total was $145.83! Not a ton, BUT this is the most I've ever made in a single month ever since I started doing this kind of stuff back in 2009! As you can see most of it came from Humanatic. I've noticed they've had a LOT more calls here lately so I don't know if they've taken on more businesses or if they're just sending more calls my way, but either way it's awesome.

I made over $5.00 with so normally I'd expect to see that payment next month, but as you can see in this post they seem to have turned into a scam. Lots of people are complaining about not getting paid so we'll see if I actually get my money. I don't think I will. I'll keep you updated.

I haven't added anything to Hubpages this month, partly because I'm lazy, and partly because Google did another search engine update that screwed everyone over and almost everyone on Hubpages saw their traffic go down about 50% or I'm not sure if I'm going to do much over there or not.


  1. Hi, how are you so successful with Humanatic? I tried them after reading your post and I've only made $6 after hours of reviewing calls

    1. Honestly, I don't know lol...Humanatic has its moments. Sometimes (like from Monday till right now (Friday) I've honestly only made about $5) but then sometimes I'll make about $10 a just depends on how many calls they have. It also depends on which project you're working for. I only do the "new business opportunity" calls which currently pay almost 4 cent per call. The other projects don't really seem worth it to me...


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