Sunday, November 11, 2012

Appbank Actually Paid Me...I'm As Shocked as You Are!

***Update:  My apps have been removed from facebook so I'm not earning anything there anymore. That along with the complete lack of updates from the company, customer service, etc. has lead me to believe they've gone out of business.***

If you don't know what Appbank is, it's a site that lets you sign up and build quizzes and games for people to play on facebook. They display ads next to your creations and you make a little residual income. When I first signed up and tried it the company was pretty good with answering questions and stuff like that. They also used to be very active on their twitter account and facebook page. But then it seemed they had literally disappeared. There were people on their facebook page complaining about not getting their money and no one has been able to get a hold of them... I even tried myself (I sent them an e-mail AND sent them a message on their facebook account asking them about all these issues and never got a response.)

So last month I made over $5.00 which is the cash out limit and they were supposed to pay me this month. I didn't expect to ever see that money considering all the issues that are going on but here it is...

I don't understand why they're not contacting people or keeping up with updates on their sites but at least they paid me. But I can't really recommend appbank anymore. I'm not saying their a scam but here is the post I wrote concerning all the issues that are going on... If appbank is something you haven't gotten involved with yet, I don't think I'd bother.

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