Monday, December 31, 2012

Extra Money I Made Online in 2012

Wow. I can't believe the year is over! This makes my 3rd yearly income report. (Here are the reports for 2010 and 2011 if anyone is interested. *Update* and here's the one for 2013!) The first year I did this I had absolutely no referrals under me on any site. Then in 2011 I had a few (very few) here and there but almost all of them were completely inactive. People have a bad tendency to sign up for these sites on a whim and never come back. (You know who you are! lol) And 2012 has pretty much been the same. I've gained a few more referrals but people are either active a tiny bit and then disappear or are never active at all. So pretty much all the money I've made this year has also been me on my own.

This year has also been a little different for me because I have worked outside the home almost none. I've been having some personal problems that have prevented me from working but hopefully that will change in 2013. But I had a little bit more time on my hands than I did in 2011 so I had more time to do this online stuff.

As always, many of these are referral links but if you'd rather not sign up under me (though I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to help a girl out? ;) just go to the site's main page.

So without further ado... (Get paid to click on ads. They pay every Friday with no minimum cashout limit.) - $0.07

Swagbucks (Get points for searching, signing up for offers, watching videos, etc. that can be exchanged for paypal or other gifts.) - $5.00 paypal cash and a $5.00 amazon gift card. I'm only including the paypal cash in the actual money I made. I'll mention the gift card again below...

Yahoo! Contributor Network (Get paid to write articles. All of this was residual for me because I haven't submitted anything in a long time and I only have a handful of articles up...) - $7.44

CashCrate (Get paid to click on ads, sign up for offers, take surveys, etc. Great referral program by the way.) - $21.82

AppBank (Get paid for creating facebook apps, quizzes, etc. This is residual income. I don't necessarily recommend using the site, click here to read about why...however I can't say they are a scam or anything since they have always paid me.) - $10.54 (Get paid to take surveys.) - $5.50

Instant Cash Sweepstakes (Win points that can be entered into contests for larger amounts of money or win a few cents for taking really short polls.) - $6.00

Beezag (Site has closed down. They paid you to watch videos.) - $15.00

Social Spark (Get paid to write sponsored blog posts. This is one of my absolute favorite ways to make money.) - $115.12 (Get paid to click on ads, do surveys, etc.) - $5.00

postloop (Get paid to post on forums.) - $5.00 (Get paid to take small polls. Similar to Instant Cash Sweepstakes but money is guaranteed. Same company owns both sites actually.) - $30.06

Sponsored Tweets (Get paid to tweet advertisements.) - $1.96

Humanatic (Get paid to listen to business calls on your computer and tag them. No phone needed.) - $281.78

Jingit (Get paid to watch videos.) - $5.61 (Get paid to do surveys, click ads, etc. Even though I didn't use the site hardly at all this year, it is one of my favorite ways to make money because they have no minimum payout. Just request your money and you're good to go.) - $0.10

Pinecone Research (Get paid $3 for each survey you do. This site isn't always accepting people, so if you see a chance to sign up I'd jump on it.) - $60

opinion place (Get paid to take surveys.) - $9.75

Superpoints (Site shut down earlier this year. They paid you to take surveys, etc.) - $15.00

So the total amount of cold hard cash I made online this year comes to $600.75! Not a lot, generally speaking, but compared to 2010 ($343.12) and 2011 ($391.37) I'd say that's pretty good. However like I said earlier, I didn't get to work an actual job much this year (so I had more time to do this stuff). I also started using which is where the majority of this came from. So that was a big change as well.

Gift cards and products I got... - (Get points for clicking on e-mails, points for shopping, signing up for offers, etc.) - A $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble and a $10 card to JC Penny.

BzzAgent - (Get free products to review and spread the word about.) - Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner (full size).

Swagbucks - $5.00 amazon gift card (already mentioned above.)

JoeShopping (Get points for posting deals, rating deals, etc. that you can redeem for items. I haven't seen any decent items on there in a really long time so I don't know what's up with this site. They may be going downhill already.) - A hello kitty watch.

So what would you do with an extra $600 bucks a year? Go on a trip? Buy Christmas gifts? Keep it! lol...

And as always I end these posts by taking about financial goals for the new year. I've been wanting to build up a residual income for myself for years now but I can never seem to get around to doing it. I'm lazy and I never have any ideas but as always, I'm going to try again this year...I've been working on adding articles to hubpages but I have two problems with that. One, the recent google search engine changes have pretty much made traffic non-existent over there and two, the things I like to write about (mostly medical stuff) are things that no one is interested in yeah :P But I'll probably keep writing that stuff anyway since I love doing it.

There is also a new site called Bubblews which also pays you to add original content. They're newer but so far people are making a lot of money over there. I have some stuff up and I need to add more. As of right now I have about $9.00 in my account and they have a cash out limit of $ I need to get on that. That can be a mini goal of mine for the new year. =) ***UPDATE: Bubblews turned out to be a scam. Click here to read about it.***

So what are your goals for the new year?

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