Sunday, December 2, 2012

Extra Money I Made Online in November

Time once again for my monthly extra income report. I'm afraid I didn't do anywhere near as good as last month (last month I made $145) but this month is more typical for me lol...

YouData - (Paid to click ads. This is from the referral program since they didn't have any ads for me to click.)  -  $0.06
AppBank - (Make residual income by creating facebook apps, quizzes, etc.)  -  $5.50
Humanatic - (Get paid to listen to and tag business phone calls.)  -  $43.79
Jingit - (Get paid to watch ads.)  -  $0.47
Pinecone Research - (Get paid to take surveys.)  -  $6.00

So this month's total is $55.82.

I was quite surprised that appbank actually paid me. This is only the second time I've ever made enough for payout (which is $5.00) and they've paid me both times...but there are some people saying they aren't getting paid and as far as customer service goes at appbank it's pretty much nonexistent. Well, actually, it IS nonexistent. I don't know what's going on with them but they have basically completely stopped responding to people's questions and they haven't updated the news section of their site or social media accounts in a really long time. So I was amazed that they actually paid me but if you're interested in making money with appbank I say proceed with caution.

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  1. I've just recommend humanatic to somebody and she's having fun listening to various calls. It is something new and the best part easy for her. I'm hoping I can also try it perhaps next year. For now I occasionally answer polls in Npolls via iPhone and received the payment via paypal. Not that much yet it's fun and easy as well.


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