Thursday, February 21, 2013

Humanatic and Rate My Video Updates

Lately the two best earners I've had have been humanatic and a newer site called RateMyVideo...but things change as they always do so I figured I'd give an update...


Humanatic keeps changing things and not for the better. It's my understanding that the minimum cash out has been raised from $5 to $10 which I find absolutely ridiculous. As if it isn't hard enough to make decent money on there (seriously, on my "good" days I managed to make about $10 a day but those good days are hard to come by and in fact, I've experience about 3 of them in the entire time I've used the site, which has been about a year now) here lately it has taken weeks just to make it to the $5 limit. And then they go and raise it? No thanks. I've always believed when a site pays you in pennies per task and then they raise the cash out limit it's because they want to get as much free work as possible because people realize "wow, this really sucks" and stop before they reach that amount and therefore, they never get paid.

It also seems that they have implemented some kind of "break room" thing which is a cute way of saying "penalty" for marking your calls too fast. I'm sorry but when the first words out of someone's mouth are "I'm interested in your blah blah blah" that is a NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. It isn't rocket science. But thanks for making me stop for 30 seconds so that when I get to go back to the calls they are all gone. I really appreciate that.

I no longer feel that humanatic is worth my time and effort but it was nice while it lasted.

Rate My Video

***UPDATE: The last time Rate My Video has sent any payments out was Feb. 27, 2013. As of this update it is March 10, 2013 and no one has been paid. Rate My Video has not been responding to the many (and I mean many) comments about this on facebook and they are not responding to e-mails either. No announcements have been made about this at all. It appears they've become a scam. I'll keep you guys updated if anything changes.***

***2nd UPDATE: Okay, they FINALLY said they'd pay us on March 14, 2013 and we got paid on March 15, 2013. But their horrible lack of communication makes me think this is something that could turn into a scam later on so at this point I have no choice but to say proceed with caution with this one.***

***3rd UPDATE: Rate My Video has once again stopped payments with no explanation. The only thing anyone has heard from them is a comment on their facebook page saying they are looking into "fraudulent activity". If you've had any experience with these making money online sites you probably know that more often than not, that is code for "we aren't going to pay you". As for now I've stopped doing anything on the site until I get paid the money they owe me and I recommend everyone else do the same.***  

*** 4th Update:  4/12/2013  Things seem to be going back and forth with Rate My Video. They FINALLY paid everyone but considering the constant paying and not paying they're doing, it's getting difficult to keep up with updates in these individual posts. So from now on please refer to my Scams page (not that I'm saying they are a scam, but I have a "proceed with caution" category on there and I'll be posting about Rate My Video there from now on.***

Rate My Video is a newer site that I wrote about not too long ago (you can read about it here). For a while they had some pretty decent paying videos on there but it seems we can kiss that goodbye. They are constantly saying that they are looking for better paying clients but I seriously don't see that happening. I hope I'm wrong and I guess only time will tell. But if you use this site you can expect to see 30 videos a day to rate and each one (regardless of length) will pay one cent. You read that correctly. So you will make $0.30 a day which means you'll make about $9 a month. Fortunately you still only need $5.00 to get paid and they pay automatically which is nice. So I will continue using the site for now but it's up to everyone to decide what making money sites are worth using or not.

So that's my update. Since I'm no longer going to mess with Humanatic I'm on the lookout for some better opportunities. Wish me luck. =)

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