Wednesday, July 24, 2013

App Trailers and App Redeem Review

App Trailers is an app that pays you to watch videos (on a smart phone or tablet). And so is App Redeem. So why review them together? Because for some reason they are connected. They are almost exactly the same and the points you earn in one app will be in the other if you log into it. Points can be redeemed for paypal (500 points is worth $0.50 cents) and 1,000 points is good for a $1.00 amazon gift card. There are plenty of other gift cards on there too but most of them cost a lot of points and I prefer actual money. :)

There are several ways to earn on these apps. You can watch video trailers for apps, videos that other users have uploaded, movie trailers (that's what I prefer to do), do offers (something pretty much every money making website or app offers these days lol), and sometimes they even have a free scratch off game (in the redeem section) where you can win points. You can do this once a day and so far in my experience it seems like I win about every other day. The amount of points vary but they tend to be right around 20.

So far my experience with these apps has been really good. I've had a few issues but they were resolved. The first issue is that when I tried to redeem my points for $0.50 to paypal the App Trailers app kept telling me I didn't have enough points even though I did. I e-mailed support about this but in the meantime I thought I'd try logging into the other app and see if I could redeem it from that one. That worked. A few hours later I got an e-mail from support (they responded pretty quick) telling me that sometimes it takes a while for a payment to show up in paypal (which isn't the issue I was having lol), but at least they responded quickly and I was able to redeem my points from the other app. In fact, I have to redeem from the App Redeem app every time, but that's cool with me. As long as I get paid I don't care. :)

They also have a referral program but instead of giving you a link they say the referral has to mention your user name when they sign up. You can invite people from the apps by SMS, e-mail, facebook or twitter. So far I have tried to invite people through twitter and it will say the tweet went out but when I check it isn't there. So I don't know what that's about and I haven't tried the other ways yet so I'm not sure if they work or not.

There was another day that I noticed my points weren't updating. Instead of e-mailing support I just decided to quit using it for a while (I was busy with other things) but I logged in a day or so later and my points had updated.

So clearly these apps have a few bugs in them but overall they work really well for me so far.

So lets get to what everyone really wants to know...have I been paid and how much have I made? 

Here is a payment proof of my first payment. 

Click to see larger version.

So far I've gotten 2 amazon gift cards (each worth a dollar). One of them I auctioned off on Listia. (Click here for my Listia review) and I've made a total of $5.46. Not bad for just watching videos.

If you're interested in signing up for these apps just check out and/or *Remember, if you have trouble redeeming your points in one app just try it in the other one.*

Do you have any experience using these apps? What are your favorite apps for making money?


  1. These sound awesome. Are there any more apps like these two?

    1. If you're looking to pass the time while earning, you can also try Goldcoin Bee. It's essentially a bingo game but like App Trailers and App Redeem, you can get cash for your points in the game.

    2. Thanks a lot! So for that coinbee, you play bingo to have gold coins?

    3. Yeah, just play bingo to get some gold coins or watch some videos like AppTrailers and install some games also gets gold coins. It's faster for me to get points in Goldcoin Bee than AppTrailers because of the bingo.

    4. Sounds really cool. Have to check it out. How many points do I get in bingo?

    5. It depends on what room you enter and how many players are in the room, but the maximum prize for one game is 1,000 gold coins. That's already $1.


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