Friday, August 30, 2013

Extra Money I Made In August

Time for my monthly income report. Most of this month's income came from mTurk. I'm posting this a little early but I don't think I'll get any more money tomorrow lol...if I do I'll come back and update...

SocialSpark (Get paid to blog.)  -  $4.04 (This is from their referral program.)
PostLoop (Get paid to post on forums.)  -  $5.09
Jingit (Get paid to watch video ads.)  -  $0.60 (Get paid to do surveys, click ads, etc.)  -  $0.15
Pinecone Research (Get $3 for every survey you do.)  -  $6.00
mTurk (Get paid to do micro tasks.)  -  $47.84
App Redeem/App Trailers (Apps that pay you to watch videos.)  -  $2.79
Qmee (Get paid to search.)  -  $0.85

Total this month is $67.39.

Gift Cards

$5.00 McDonald's gift card from the MyCokeRewards program.
$25 Amazon gift card from Darwin's Data (which is a survey company that asks you about legal issues).


A blue Sephora nail polish from HitPredictor (a site that gives you points for listening to music).

Other Stuff Going On...

I've decided to start trying to get serious about my zazzle store. I added a bunch of new product this month. And next month I'll start adding new artwork. I'm really going to try to make some real money with it though. After I get enough products up I'm going to set up my own website to promote and see how that goes. But anyway, if you'd like to see my items check them out here.

I've also started using WebAnswers a lot more. WebAnswers is a question and answer site that lets you make money from google adsense. I have adsense on several websites but I usually don't even manage to make a dollar a month but I've made about $10.68 this month just from WebAnswers. Of course, google won't send you a check until you have at least $100 and this month's income will bring my whole account up to about $33 yeah, still gonna be a while before I see that check. You guys will be the first to know when I get it though. :)

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