Wednesday, August 14, 2013

That Bubblews Scam

*** Updates below: They paid me SEVEN MONTHS LATER ***

Yes, it's a scam. But I'm sure you want to know more than that, right? And besides, one sentence wouldn't make for a very good post, would it? (Actually, according to bubblews it probably would lol...but I'll get to that later.)

If you don't know what is, it is one of the newest get paid to write/revenue sharing sites. Basically you sign up, start adding content, interacting with members, etc. and you get money for it and once you get $25 you can redeem your payment. At least that is how it's supposed to work...

I found out about the site from a blogger I follow (and have no reason to think she would lie). She said she was making quite a bit from the site (and I believe her...I think she is one of the few that are actually getting paid). I did some searching and saw that others were saying the same thing...but there were some saying they weren't getting paid at all. So that's always a red flag. But I decided to check the site out anyway. I didn't join. I joined later (obviously) but at the time the poor layout of the site, all the "bugs" in it whenever I'd try to navigate, etc. made it hard to take the site too seriously. And then there was the content. Don't get me wrong, there are some really great articles on there, but there are an awful lot of bad ones. You are allowed to submit basically ANYTHING as long as it's at least 400 characters. Notice I said characters, not words. The extremely poor spelling and grammar and "articles" consisting of a mere sentence or two were enough for me to say no thanks. (And I'm not trying to be condescending here. I'm sure this very post I'm writing has TONS of errors in it. But if a site's general content is enough to turn ME off, then that's pretty bad.)

But I kept seeing all these people raving about it...How they were making SO much money and it was SO easy and money was just pouring in. So I decided to give it a shot after all. I signed up and submitted a few things and eventually forgot about it...but later on I decided to really give it a good try. So I started submitting lots of articles. And I actually submitted some of my best stuff there. And it was fun to check my "bank" page every day and see money just pretty much effortlessly pouring in. Even on days I didn't log in I'd still earn pretty good money.

And then the day came when I logged in and saw I had exactly $25.01 (on July 16, 2013). I have articles on other revenue sharing sites that have been up for YEARS and still haven't even earned anywhere near that! So I immediately hit redeem and waited...and waited...and waited. Finally I e-mailed them. No response. I e-mailed them again and they responded "What is your username?" I thought that was odd considering that I had given them that info in BOTH of the other e-mails but I thought okay, I e-mailed back with my username. (Oh but don't get excited about the "what is your username?" thing...I've learned from some forums that other people are getting that response too but still aren't getting paid.) No response. I e-mailed AGAIN. No response. I decided to wait until the end of the month before deciding they're a scam. I actually waited a little longer than that but I finally deleted my content there (because I'll be damned if I'm going to let them continue earning money from MY content) but I left one article up saying they are a scam. I don't know how long it will be up cause I'm sure it'll get deleted by staff BUT then again, there are TONS of articles like that on there and they haven't been deleted yet. How pathetic is that? Bubblews has become such a scam they can't even patrol their own content and take down negative (but TRUE) articles about the site.

But you want to know what's cute? Now my bank page on there says my account is -$12.00. In other words, I OWE them money because I removed my content. lol Isn't that adorable? Removing my content has not put them in the hole in any way, shape, or form. The money my content earned for them was earned BEFORE I removed my articles. I honestly don't know if that's part of the scam in some way or if they are just really THAT STUPID.

Some more fun facts for you...  They are threatening people left and right. Apparently if you say anything negative about them or if you complain about not getting paid they will take legal action against you. Considering all the money they've scammed people out of they probably could take legal action against ALL those people lol...but seriously...they couldn't sue anyone because telling the truth (no matter how negative it is) is not illegal. So good luck with that, bubblews.

If something seems to good to be true it's probably not. Now think about this for a minute...Revenue sharing sites are nothing new. In fact, they've been around for years. Some of them (like Yahoo! Voices and Hubpages) have been around for years and are well established. Yeah, they got hit hard after all the google changes, but new sites have popped up and aren't doing that well either. So what are the odds that bubblews comes along and is fairly new and lets people submit honest to god crap if they want to and money just pours into your account? The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that the money you see on your bank page isn't even really money you've earned. It's there as an incentive to keep you posting and bragging about the site so that others will join and contribute and keep making the owner, Arvind Dixit, a ton of money. 

If you're still considering signing up for bubblews, here's my advice. Don't just take my word for it. Get on google and go to town searching "bubblews scam", "bubblews reviews", and so on. Check out what comes up. See what's going on with other people. Believe it or not there are a FEW people actually getting paid. Maybe you'll luck out and be one of them. If you decide to join I say go ahead and write enough to reach the $25 payout. But don't spend a ton of time and effort on your articles. I'm not saying to submit crap (because everything you post online contributes to your personal reputation) but if you don't get paid at least you won't feel like you wasted a lot of time and work. Hit redeem THE MINUTE you reach $25. And wait and see what happens. That's my advice to you.

P.S. Just because I know someone will comment and say I probably broke the rules or something, I did not break the rules. I did not try to "game the system" and get more views from people or anything like that either. Also, if you're one of the few that has actually been paid then good for you, and you are free to explain your experience here in the comments...but I've seen some pretty heated conversations about bubblews before so I just want to warn everyone ahead of time that any personal attack type of comments towards myself will be deleted. 

**** 1/30/2014 UPDATE ****

So I was discussing bubblews with someone which prompted me to search google and see if people are still getting ripped off and indeed they are. But I came across this petition that someone started for people that haven't been getting paid. I went ahead and signed it but I didn't actually expect anything to happen. Well strangely the next day I got an e-mail from paypal saying bubblews was sending me an e-check for $25.01 (the exact amount they owed me). It is supposed to take till February 4th for it to clear, so we'll see what happens. I've heard plenty about bubblews sending people checks that bounce so we'll see if I actually get paid. Would be pretty amusing if I get paid nearly SEVEN MONTHS LATER. lol.

*** 2/4/2014 UPDATE ***

Well, looks like the check actually went through. I'm absolutely amazed by this.

I might consider writing there again but if I do I will never recommend it to people without telling them to read this post first and to search google and see what other people have been through as well. If you consider yourself to be a serious writer I don't think I'd write there (but I don't consider myself a serious anything these days lol). Also, as far as I know they have recently increased the cashout to $50 so if you don't get paid, you stand to lose twice the amount. If you're going to write there proceed with caution.


  1. Wow, thanks for the information and warning. It is sad to see websites using people.

  2. I was paid by Bubblews 6 times. I don't know why they pay that much and I know they're probably gonna disappear in a few months, but I'm going to milk it as long as I can.

    1. I'm glad you're actually getting paid and I hope they keep paying you...and I agree, milk it for all it's worth.

  3. There are a few good posts in Bubblews but most of it is a pile of pants. I am using it for SEO value, and driving traffic to my site. Unfortunately, its does not drive any traffic. A hundred people can visit your post and maybe 5 will hit the like button, but no one will click on your blog link. I think this is because the people there are only clicking like to earn money.

    So people there are only motivated to go for quick money. However such persons are still consumers with money, and they probably click on adds and spend money.

    for sure the next Nobel prize in literature won't come from that site. There was one post from an Indonesian girl who wrote a post on how she likes to say indoors when its raining. English was obviously not her first language. Her post got something like 300 views a day; I doubt if she got paid.

    Bubblews is like going to a strip show, you don't want to admit you that you visit bubblews.

    Bubblews är en massa skräp, men det kan tjäna pengar på reklam. Google kommer så småningom slå dem hårt

  4. Thanks so much for this honest post, Kristy. I haven't written for the site so I can't verify whether people are getting paid or not. I only looked into the site at all because I had readers asking what my opinion was. So far, my opinion of the site is pretty low - and it's getting lower with each passing comment I see about it.

    1. For now making money online is just a hobby for me (I make about $20-$60 a month) but what scares me is that so many people really do need to make a living online and they're putting all this time and effort into a site when there is a good chance they'll never get paid. I got scammed out of $25 but I worry about the people that just write, write, write on there and see their earnings go up and expect to get huge payments. I really hope these people aren't trying to use Bubblews to pay the bills. =(

  5. I joined Bubblews in April and cashed out in July. They never paid me. I contacted them several times. They just said they are looking into it. I finally had my account deleted. I posted about this on my Tumblr. I also put a link to this site.

  6. I am enjoying your site. Thanks for your info! I 100% agree with your assessment of Bubblews and its issues. I'm one of the lucky ones that have gotten paid every time, but I now many who haven't.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like my site. =) Yeah, it's a shame bubblews is screwing so many people over, but I'm really glad you're getting paid.


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