Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Got My First TranscribeMe Payment

So a long time ago I signed up for a site called TranscribeMe. (As of writing this they are no longer hiring but you can sign up on a waiting list.) I never really did much with it. A lot of times I'd log in and there wouldn't be any work available (that's a big problem with just about any site that pays you to do anything) and sometimes the clips would be way too hard to hear so I'd just exit out of the file and there wouldn't be anything else to transcribe.

But a while back I thought I'd give it another shot and this time there was more work available and a lot of the files were pretty easy to hear. So I've been logging in every so often and checking for work. The audio clips you transcribe are usually about 8 seconds long. You have to have at least $10 in your account before they'll pay you and they pay every Monday.

Here's my first payment...
Click to see larger version.

Some things I really like about the site...
1. I like the fact that the audio clips aren't very long. This is good for people like me that aren't used to doing transcription. (And transcription is a little harder than you'd think.)
2. If you aren't comfortable with a file (for instance, you don't understand the speakers accents or the audio isn't any good) you can exit out of it.
3. You can log in whenever you want. No required hours to meet.

Things I don't like about the site...
1. If one of your transcriptions gets rejected there is no reason why. 
2. Sometimes when you hit "submit" after transcribing a file it takes FOREVER for another one to load up. That can really slow you down.
3. A lot of times the speakers are all talking over top of each other or they have really thick accents and they're hard to understand. Fortunately you can just exit out of those files though.
4. And this is an issue with just about any site, but there isn't always work available.

But overall I really like this site so far. It's definitely not going to help anyone make a full time living, but it's a good way to make some extra cash. =)

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