Saturday, September 7, 2013

Got a Payment From Firehow

Firehow is a revenue sharing site where you can post how to articles and earn passive income. I signed up in 2010 and submitted a few articles and kind of forgot about it. Then I added some more in 2011 and really did forget about it because earning anything there is pretty much impossible. For the past year I've been earning about $0.50 a month with 25 articles. As bad as things are over at hubpages I at least make close to a dollar a month with about 11 articles. lol

But anyway, I finally hit the $15 cash out on Firehow in August and they sent my payment at the beginning of September....and here it is...

Click to see larger version.

So there you have it. They do pay. But they don't get nearly enough traffic to make it worth your while to post there. If you have some how to articles and you just absolutely don't know what to do with them then it might be worth throwing them up on there, but it'll be YEARS before you see a payment.

Anyway, I would love to find a really good revenue sharing site. For a while there everyone thought Bubblews was some kind of gift from god...until they started screwing people over left and right.

What about you guys? Have any really good sites you wish to share? How much are you earning a month?

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