Friday, November 29, 2013

Extra Money I Made Online in November

Let's get right to it! Here we go... (This is a few days early but I don't expect to get paid anymore before December but if I do I'll come back and update.)

Yahoo Contributor Network (Get paid to post articles. This is all residual.)  -  $2.06
Social Spark (Get paid to write sponsored blog posts. This is all from the referral program.)  -  $11.15
Jingit (Get paid to watch ads.)  -  $0.20 (Get paid to site with no minimum cashout.)  -  $0.23
Pinecone Research (Get $3 for each survey you take.)  -  $15.00
mTurk (Micro task site.)  -  $1.40
App Redeem/App Trailers (Apps that pay you to watch videos.)  -  $1.50
Qmee (Browser extension that pays you to search.)  -  $1.63
Sponsored Tweets (Get paid to tweet ads.)  - $1.00
Inkspand (Get paid to read books. See my review here.)  -  $10.00
tTap (Get paid for unlocking your phone. See my review here.)  -  $1.00

So the total amount of money I made this month is $45.17. Not as good as I'd like, but I've done worse lol...

Gift cards
Swagbucks (Get points for surveys, taking polls, etc.)  -  $5.00 Amazon card
mPoints (Program that many apps use to reward you for using them.)  -  $3.00 in Amazon cards (Get paid to site that pays in gift cards.)  -  $4.00 in Amazon cards
Google Rewards App (Get credit to use in the Google Play store for taking surveys.)  -  $2.25 Google Play credit

So the last thing I mentioned, the Google Rewards app is an app you can download to your android device that will send you small surveys every so often and reward you with google play store credit. I really like it because you don't have to log in or anything...if you have a survey available, it will notify you. So far the surveys I've taken have been really short. So I really like this app.

Another thing I am absolutely LOVING right now is This is a "get paid to" site that gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards. Normally I don't like these types of sites but I buy a lot of stuff from amazon and 100 points is good for a $1.00 amazon card. That may not seem like much but the points are really easy to get so those one dollar cards really add up. I don't even do surveys or anything like that (because I'm lazy). I just go the the "visit sites" section and click on the site they have and get points and every few days or so I can get another card. I'm not sure about the other gift cards on there but you get the amazon cards immediately which is awesome! So there is no waiting for it to be processed or anything like that. I highly recommend this site. =)

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