Friday, November 1, 2013

Extra Money I Made Online In October

I didn't do as much as I wanted this month because I had a family emergency. We found my mom completely unresponsive in the floor and long story short...she went into a coma for 4 days. They had no idea what was wrong or if she'd even wake up. But eventually they figured out that her sodium level was way too low so they got that straightened out and she woke up and now she is fine and back home. But most of the month has been dedicated to helping her get readjusted to being back home and stuff. (She was in ICU for 2 weeks). I'm just glad she's okay and back home. =)

Social Spark  (Get paid to write sponsored blog posts.)  -  $19.49 (This is all from the referral program.)
Post Loop (Get paid to post on forums.)  -  $5.07
Jingit (Get paid to watch ads.)  -  $0.60 (Get paid to site with no minimum cashout!)  -  $1.17
Pinecone Research (Get $3 for every survey you do.)  -  $12.00
App Redeem/App Trailers (Apps that pay you to watch videos.)  -  $2.15
Qmee (Browser extension that pays you for searching.)  -  $1.60
Pollbuzzer (Get $1 for each question you answer.)  -  $7.00 (Get paid for sponsored blog posts.)  -  $25.00
Clickworker (Micro task site, similar to mTurk.)  -  $0.10

So the total amount of money I made online this month is $74.18.

Amazon gift cards I got...

InstaGC (Get to site that pays in gift cards.)  -  $2 in amazon cards
Nexercise App (App that rewards you with points when you exercise.)  -  $3 in amazon cards

So I got $5 in amazon cards. =)

I haven't written about Sverve yet. It's a pretty cool site that lets you apply for blogging campaigns and get paid to write blog posts. They are also working on setting up a twitter program to where you can get paid to tweet. As far as I know, either the company you're doing a campaign for can pay you directly or they can pay Sverve and they'll pay you. But I think if you get paid by Sverve you have to wait until you have $50 to get paid. I think having any kind of cashout limit like that is ridiculous, but a lot of sites do it so it isn't really something you can avoid. But other than that it seems like a good site so far.

Oh as far as my adsense earnings go...I was posting pretty much every day on webanswers but I didn't get to post on there much at all this month so my earnings come to a pathetic $4.27. So earnings on webanswers definitely aren't residual. But hopefully I'll be able to post a lot more this month.

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