Friday, November 29, 2013

Get Paid to Read and Review Books with Inkspand

If you love to read you might want to check out Inkspand. This is a site that lets you read books and review them. There are a lot of books they want people to review for free BUT every so often they have some books that they'll pay you $10.00 to review. All you have to do is pick out the books you actually want to read, read them, write a review, and that's it!

I recently reviewed The Bone War of MuCurtain County and got $10.00 for it. Your reviews have to be at least 250 words and they'll also ask you to post your review on Amazon as well. They'll also ask you to rate it on a five star scale and decide how much you'd pay for it. And that's it. Pretty easy (especially if you love to read anyway).

Here's my payment proof...
Click to see a larger version.
Do you have any experience with Inkspand? Do you know of any other sites that pay people to read books?

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