Friday, November 29, 2013

Which Is Better? Locket or tTap?

***Update:  tTap has announced that as of December 13, 2013 only users in Milwaukee will be able to use the app. So if you can cash out before then I recommend doing so. 

AND Locket just announced that they have discontinued their "pay per swipe" part of the app. So they do not pay you to unlock your phone anymore. They have offers you can do but so does pretty much every other app out there that pays you do so something. This is really pathetic for locket. It's unbelievably dirty to tell people "hey, download this and we'll pay you to unlock your phone" and then all of a sudden take that away. This makes me think that the whole "paid to unlock your phone" thing was never the real intention of this app anyway. I think that was their way of tricking as many people as possible into downloading the app. Oh well. So yeah, as of right now it looks like there are no apps that pay you to unlock your phone. I'm leaving this post up for informational purposes.***

You may have heard about Locket and tTap. Both are apps you can download for your smart phone or tablet that will pay you just for unlocking your phone. The way this works is that when you "wake up" your phone you'll see an advertisement on your unlock screen. You can either unlock your screen as usual (and still get paid) or you can choose to click on the ad and check out whatever it is they're advertising.

Anyway, I have had an android tablet for about a year now (my boyfriend got it for me last Christmas). I'm always looking for cool apps (and any apps that will help me make money, of course) and came across Locket several months ago. I can't remember exactly when...I think it was during the summer. Anyway, I have always used my tablet quite a bit so I unlock it often and in all this time I still haven't reached the minimum cash out limit which is $10.00. As of writing this I have a little over $8.00. So I don't think I'll see that 10 bucks before the end of the year, but oh well...

Lets talk about tTap. This app does the same thing but you get 10 points for unlocking your phone and once you have 1,500 you can redeem them for $1.00 sent to your paypal account. I just recently got an android phone (which I use just about as much as my tablet). I started using tTap on November 14th and I got paid on November 26th. (It takes a few days for them to process your payment, so I actually reached 1,500 points a few days before that.) Of course, that is only a dollar but I got it a heck of a lot faster than I'll ever get $10 from locket.

Here is my payment from tTap...
Click to see larger version.

So in my opinion tTap is the better app to use. I don't think there is any competition here.
What do you think? Do you have experience with either of these apps?

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