Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinecone Research Sign Up

I've mentioned Pinecone Research before. It's a survey company and usually they aren't taking new members, so in the past it was kind of hard to get signed up. But they just sent out an e-mail saying they are taking new sign ups (and as far as I know this isn't temporary) and you can go here to sign up.

It isn't a paid referral program or anything. They just asked members to spread the word. Only one person can sign up per household. If you like taking surveys I highly recommend them. If they send you an e-mail saying you have a survey you will always qualify for it. So there is none of that crap where you fill out a hundred questions only to be told you "don't qualify". And each survey is $3. There is no minimum cash out. As soon as your points post to your account you can go in and request payment.

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