Sunday, January 5, 2014

Zazzle Update

So one of the things I do to make some extra money online is sell things on Zazzle. I've written about it before but I usually don't mention it too often. Up until recently I didn't have a lot of products on there but recently I started adding more stuff. I'm still not making a ton of sales but I'm having fun uploading stuff anyway. I'm an artist but I got away from art for a long time but now I'm back into it and it's been great. =)

But anyway, So far my best seller continues to be my phoenix print.
phoenix drawing for sale at zazzle

And my other 3 sellers are my "Iron Skull", "Fancy Lady" and "Black and White Skull" items.
black and white skull items for sale at zazzle

fancy lady drawing for sale at zazzle
iron skull drawing at zazzle

Anyway, on top of adding stuff to Zazzle I've also started a blog to promote my stuff, post other art and do reviews of art products or drawing apps, and so on... It's here if anyone is interested. =)

I'm really happy to be drawing again. Working on my art and zazzle store is kind of a New Year's resolution for me. I have 2,569 items on there so far. I wonder how many I can get on there by next year? 

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