Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Extra Money I Made In July

I'm going to be busy the next few days so I'm going to go ahead and publish this a bit early. I wrote last month's post early too but I forgot to actually publish it which is why it was so late! lets get to it...

Swagbucks (Get paid to run videos on their apps, do surveys, etc.)  -  $75.00 (This was pretty much totally passive for me, see below.)
PostLoop (Get paid to post on forums.)  -  $10.88 (Get paid to take surveys, cash back on shopping, etc.)  -  $0.11 (No minimum cash out.)
Pinecone Research (Get $3 for every survey you take.)  -  $12.00
Qmee (Browser extension that pays you to search.)  -  $1.90 (No minimum cash out.)
Social Spark (Get paid to write sponsored blog posts. Sadly it's going to shut down soon.)  -  $32.20

So this month I made $132.09.

Amazon gift cards
Bing rewards ( will reward you for using their search engine.)  -  $3.00
InstaGC (Get paid to click ads, do surveys, etc.)  -  $2.00
Perk TV app (Get paid to run videos with their app. Completely passive income.)  -  $15.00
Media Insiders Panel App (An app that runs in the background on your phone.)  -  $5.00

I made $23.00 in Amazon gift cards. =)

Google Play Store Credit
Google Rewards (A survey app that pays for taking small surveys.)  -  $0.97 Google Play store credit

Swagbucks and PerkTV are my two favorite ways to earn right now. Swagbucks now has 4 apps you can use to earn and they all work the same. The first two have been around for a while, SBTV and EntertaiNow. But now they also have and They run pretty much completely by themselves except every now and then they will get stuck on an ad or something and you'll have to tap out of it but other than that you can let them run while you're doing something else. I love it. You only get $1-$2 a day (from all the apps combined, depending on how many points they're allowing that day) but it all adds up. I made $75 this month. If you don't need $75 I'll gladly take it off your hands! :D

After I hit my point limit on all the Swagbucks apps I start running the Perk TV apps. I've complained about their app in the past but they've improved it a lot and it's been running much better lately. You can get paypal cash but it costs a lot more points and I'm very impatient so I've just been getting the amazon cards. You can run the app on up to 5 devices at a time and 24/7 if you want. I already had a phone and tablet but I went ahead and bought one another phone (a Kyocera Hydro from Boost Mobile) on Amazon for about $34. If you decide to buy any devices just to run the perktv app on I wouldn't get anything really expensive because hours and hours of playing videos will wear it out eventually anyway and as with any online company could go up in smoke overnight. You never want to invest too much into things like this because you just never know. But so far things are going pretty good. =)

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