Thursday, August 28, 2014

Extra Money I Made Online In August

These summer months just fly by. I can't believe it's almost September already.

Swagbucks (Get paid to run videos on their apps, do surveys, etc.)  -  $50.00
Yahoo Contributor Network (Shutting down soon.)  -  $2.15
Zazzle (Passive income from selling your designs on t-shirts and other items.)  -  $5.75
PostLoop (Get paid to post on forums.)  -  $10.43
Pinecone Research ($3 for every survey you take.)  -  $18.00
mTurk (Micro jobs.)  -  $3.25
Qmee (A browser extension that pays you to search.)  -  $0.49 (Get paid to answer small surveys about websites.)  -  $1.26

So I made a total of $91.33 this month.

Amazon Gift Cards
Hit Predictor (Get prizes for rating music)  -  $5.00 Amazon
InstaGC (Get paid to click ads, do surveys, etc.)  -  $2.00 Amazon
Perk TV (App that pays you to play videos, pretty much completely passive.)  -  $50.00 Amazon (Running on 3 devices.)
Media Insiders Panel (An app that runs in the background on your smart phone.)  -  $14.00 Amazon

I made a total of $71.00 in Amazon credit.

Google Play Store credit
Google rewards app (Pays you to take small surveys.)  -  $1.57 google play credit

The swagbucks app and Perk TV remain my favorite ways to earn right now. But one of my devices (the tablet) messed up. Basically the power button has just worn out to the point it doesn't work anymore so now I can't get it to turn on. I knew this was coming (I've been having issues with it) so I'm down to two devices for a while which really sucks. I'm going to see if my boyfriend can fix it. Hopefully he can. If not I'll just have to buy a cheap phone or something because I really like getting $50 in amazon credit in a month!

In other news...I made a new hub on hubpages about The Lost World Caverns in Lewisburg, WV. My boyfriend and I went up there earlier in May and we really enjoyed it. I'm sure it won't stay "featured" for long since it isn't really the kind of thing people search for, but it's there for now. I'm trying to get back into writing on there but it's so hard to write the kind of stuff I'm interested in AND the kind of stuff other people are interested in. Oh well...

On top of that, I finally added two new items to my Zazzle store. Here they are. One I just call "Tragic Love" because I'm original like that lol....and the other is a slightly altered image from the 1902 film "Le Voyage Dans la Lune" or "A Trip to the Moon".

Tragic Love items are available for sale here.

"A Trip to the Moon" items are available for sale here.

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