Saturday, August 16, 2014

Zazzle Payment Proof

Zazzle is a site I've been using a while. If you aren't familiar with how it works, basically you upload your art and photos to the site and sell them on t-shirts, posters, binders, etc. (basically they have just about anything you could want). They provide the actual items and you mark the price up a little and that is how much you make in profit. Anyway, I've never made much money from the site (but I haven't done much as far as promoting my stuff goes) and I usually just use my earnings to buy stuff on the site) but I recently cashed out so technically this makes my first actual paypal payment from them. Normally they don't pay you until you have at least $50.00 in your account (for a paypal payment) or $100.00 (for a check) but you can cash out sooner than that but they charge you $2.50 out of your earnings. 

My Phoenix stuff continues to be my best seller.
Sadly my Panda ain't gettin' no love. Come on ya'll, show him some love. lol

If you'd like to see the rest of my stuff my store is Candy Kerosene and I even have a blog for it even though it hasn't been updated in forever.

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