Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Extra Money I Made In September

This month went by super fast. Here we go!

Swagbucks (Get paid to take surveys, do offers, run videos on their apps, etc.)  -  $100.00 (All I do is run the apps every day, almost completely passive income.)
Paid View Point (Get paid to take small polls.)  -  $15.03
Quickrewards.net (Get paid to take surveys, click ads, etc.)  -  $0.53 (No minimum cashout.)
Pinecone Research (Get $3 for every survey you take.)  -  $21.00
Qmee (A browser extension that pays you to search.)  -  $0.39 (No minimum cashout.)
Social Spark (Pays you to do sponsored blog posts. Is shutting down soon.)  -  $18.96 (This was from a referral.)
Erlibird (A site that pays you to provide feedback on new websites and apps.)  -  $3.58

So the total amount I made this month was $159.49. Not bad at all. =)

Amazon gift cards
HitPredictor (Get prizes for rating music.)  -  $5.00 Amazon credit
Bing Rewards (Get points for using Bing.com.)  -  $3.00 Amazon credit
InstaGC (Get paid to click ads, sign up for offers, etc.) - $3.00 Amazon credit
Perk TV (Get paid to run videos on their app.)  -  $25.00 Amazon credit (See more about this below.)
App Optix (An app that runs in the background on your smartphone.)  -  $10.00 Amazon credit
Media Insiders Panel (Another app that runs in the background on your phone.)  -  $5.00 Amazon credit

The total amount I got in Amazon credit came to $51.00.

Google Play Store Credit
Google rewards app (Pays you to take small surveys.)  -  $2.02 Google play credit

So I'm still really loving swagbucks and perk. =) My earnings with perk got cut way down though for a few reasons...
1. The popup they have now that asks "are you still watching?" (That is a real pain but it hasn't hurt me too much, at least I don't think it has.)
2. My tablet died on me so I had one less device for most of the month until I bought a cheap android phone from Amazon but it took forever to get here and...
3. I have the worst internet provider in the world and the internet (and phone and TV which I also get through them) has been going out for HOURS at a time SEVERAL times a day SEVERAL days a week (sometimes more). If you live in Southern WV and you can avoid it, DO NOT get service from Shentel. If you don't believe me, look up their Facebook page and check out their (as of writing this) 91 ONE STAR REVIEWS. They also have horrible customer service but I digress...

Anyway, I got myself a new tablet (a cheap one for $45) but I didn't get it till almost the end of the month, so we'll see how having it (a total of 4 devices now) will help me with perk. Hopefully my ISP will get their crap together which would help A LOT, obviously. Oh well, we'll see how things go...


  1. I recently found your blog and I love it! I made a Swag bucks account, but I don't seem to get many swag bucks. I am getting swag bucks through the app. Do you recommend going through the app or browser?

    1. I only run the swagbucks apps so I don't really do anything on the browser. They have several different apps (SBTV, EntertaiNow, Sportly.tv, Lifestylez.TV, MovieCli.ps, and IndyMusic.tv)...I'm not sure exactly how many points each one gives you but I know that if you run them all in one day (and meet your daily point limit for each one) you'll get about 200 points which is equal to $2.00 a day (if you choose do get the paypal gift cards).

  2. Replies
    1. I use Perk TV all the time. I love it. They'll let you run perk tv on 5 devices at the same time if you want, maximizing your earnings. I think their points are kind of ridiculous for the paypal cash though so I always just get the amazon gift cards, which is almost as good as cash since you can buy pretty much anything on amazon. =)


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