Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get Paid to Test Websites with Erlibird

So I came across this site called Erlibird a while back that helps connect new websites with people that are interested in checking them out and providing useful feedback. Basically you sign up and fill out your profile and when they have a focus group that matches your interests they'll send you an invitation to join a focus group. There are only so many spots for these focus groups so you have to respond as soon as you can. You can make anywhere from $5 - $15 but it seems like most people have been making about $5. However, there is a 4% withdrawal fee (minimum of $1.00). And then paypal takes a fee too apparently so when I cashed out my $5.00 balance the other day I only ended up with $3.58.

So far I've only done one focus group so my experience with Erlibird is pretty limited. At first I was worried it might be a scam because after providing my feedback it said estimated payment date was Sept. 12th but the money didn't show up until several days after the 12th. I know they said "estimated" but still, that kinda worried me. But other than that I have had a pretty good experience with the site so far.

If you're interested in joining Erlibird just click here to use my referral link or you can always just go to Erlibird.com.

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