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*** UPDATE 1/1/2015 I have stopped updating this blog (and this page) as of 1/1/2015. My heart just isn't in it anymore. I do plan to continue making money online but I'm tired of trying to keep up with all the constant changes going on with all these different companies. It makes it difficult to keep up with this blog. I'm keeping this blog online because some of this info my still come in handy for someone but some of this information may be outdated so as always, do plenty of research before choosing to sign up for any of these companies. ***

One of my favorite things to do is make extra money online. It's sort of a hobby for me. I became interested in making money online when I became unemployed in 2009. I signed up for just about every website I could find. Obviously, I did it to make a few extra bucks, but I also did it so I could see which sites really do pay and which ones are scams so I could tell others about it.

The follow is a list of all the sites I've used AND actually been paid from. I never post a link here unless I have actually been paid and the money is either in my hand or in my bank account.

Many of these links are referral links, so if you decide to sign up for a particular site, please use my referral link.

Sites I highly recommend are in green. =)
I love this site. They are a cash back site but you can also make money by clicking ads, taking quizzes, signing up for free offers, doing surveys, etc. They also have no cash out minimum, so even if you only have one cent in your account, they will pay you as soon as you request payment. In 2010 I made $93.10. That isn't a whole lot, but I didn't bother to do anything except click on a few ads and do some surveys whenever I felt like it.

This site gives you "swag bucks" for using their search engine. They've recently added surveys to their site so you can get points for that as well. You can redeem your points for prizes or cash. Check out my post here about how to earn about $1.00-$2.00 a day with the Swagbucks apps (which is pretty much passive income). This is one of my favorite ways to earn (along with Perk TV, see more about that below).

This is a site where you rate music. You don't get money but you get points that you can redeem for things like DVDs and CDs. Sometimes they have promotions where they'll give you a $5.00 Amazon gift card for rating 10 songs.
This is a survey site. You have to have $5 before you can request payment.
This company usually sends you a survey to do in the mail and they usually send you cash along with it. They usually pay you $1-$5. They also have online surveys occasionally.

You don't get cash here but you can get points that you redeem for gift cards. You get points for taking surveys, clicking on e-mails, etc. You also get points for shopping. This is one of my favorite sites. I've gotten several gift cards from them including places like JC Penny, TJ Maxx, and Kohl's.

This is a word of mouth marketing site. If you qualify for a certain campaign they'll send you free products to try and you get to tell people your honest opinion about it. And by free products I mean actual full size products (not crappy samples or anything).
This is run by and you get paid to do small tasks and things that people can do better than computers. Most tasks don't pay much but they are usually really quick and the money can add up fast. If you decide to sign up I also recommend keeping an eye on the "Hits worth turking for" section on People post the good tasks on there so you don't have to go searching for them.
This is another survey site. I've only made $6 from them (in 4 years), but they do pay. They don't seem to have a lot of surveys available though.
Another survey site that I have made $5.50 (in 4 years) from.
This is a site that will buy your old text books. They don't pay a whole lot but I made $37.97 from some old books I knew I'd never use again.

Another great site to sell your books too. I've made $12 for a few old books.

This is a site that you can sell your old electronics to. I am really pleased with this site. I sent them a PS2 and an old laptop computer. After they got the computer they actually determined that it was worth more than what they had originally offered me! How many places would do that?

This site buys used CDs, DVDs, and games. Just type in what you're looking to sell and the site will give you a quote.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes
Fun site that lets you take short, fun surveys and you either get a small cash prize or tickets which can be entered into their $50 cash drawings. They also have a referral program and whatever cash prize they get, you get as well! I've won their $2 drawing a couple of times too.

Book Sneeze
If you're a blogger you can get free books to review.

If you're a blogger you can get free products to review.

You don't get paid directly by the site. You have to have a Google adsense account. Once you link your adsense account to WebAnswers, you'll make residual income from the answers you post to people's questions. You have to answer at least 50 questions before you can add your adsense code.

Get paid to post on forums. Only need $5 to get paid.
Post "gigs" that you're willing to do for $5. You can post anything (as long as it's legal) like make a video, write an article or blog post, post on someone's website, draw a picture, make a gift, and so on.

They pay you to do sponsored blog posts.

Paid View Point
Get paid $0.10 for taking really quick (seriously, probably less than a minute) surveys. You can cash out once you have at least $15 in your account.

Get paid to label or tag calls to let businesses know which ones they need to listen to and/or call back. Read my review of them here. (***Update: Things started going down hill with this site so I stopped using them. I tried to log in after not going on the site for a few months and my account doesn't exist anymore. I don't know if they deleted my account due to inactivity or if they saw some of my less than great posts about them on here and got mad but either way my account is gone. I don't care enough to inquire about it.***)

Pinecone Research
This is a survey site that pays $3 per survey and you don't end up answering a ton of questions only to be told you "don't qualify". There is no minimum cash out limit and they pay you though paypal.

Opinion Place
This is also a survey site. I appears they only let you take a survey once a week but from my experience they tend to pay a bit more for each survey and there is no minimum cash out limit. After you take a survey they will send your payment to paypal within a few days.

Cash Crate
This is a "get paid to" site that gives you cash for doing surveys, signing up for offers (free or paid), shopping, clicking ads, and referring others. You have to have $20 to cash out but they've always paid me and I've never had any problems with them. This is one of the best "get paid to" sites out there.

This site is a lot like BzzAgent. They send you free stuff to try out and you spread the word about it and give your honest opinion.

This site pays you to watch videos. You have to use their debit card but there is no minimum cash out. As soon as you make some money you can add it to your card.

Listia is an auction site where people post things they are willing to give away for free and you use points to bid on items you want. You can get points by listing your own stuff and they recently added surveys and offers as a way to earn more points. It's a great site and there is no money involved (unless you have to pay shipping for something, but a lot of people ship things for free). You can find just about anything on there. One of the best things I got was a brand new, never opened MP3 player that I use all the time. :)

This is a "get paid to" site that pays you to complete offers, click ads, do surveys, etc. I've only been paid once and they pay when you have at least $5 in your account. I'd use the site more but I don't care for most "get paid to" sites except for ones like QuickRewards, which have no minimum cash out limit.

Poll Buzzer
This is a survey site that pays $1 for every survey you answer. They don't send surveys very often but they'll pay you even if you just have $1 in your account.

Recycle Bank
You can't make money on this site but it could be a way to save some money. This site encourages people to recycle and be more "green". You can earn points to redeem for coupons or other offers. I've gotten a free subscription to Cosmo magazine. Points are quite easy to earn. There are a lot of videos, quizzes, slide shows, etc. that you can view and get points.
This is an easy way to earn a little bit of pocket change. They pay you for searching. You download a browser extension and whenever you search for something on whatever search engine you normally use, if qmee has a relevant site a side bar will pop up on the left side of your screen and show you how much you'll get for clicking on it. You won't get qmee search results a lot though. But the great thing is that there is no minimum cashout and you get the money to your paypal almost as soon as you redeem it.

Zazzle is a print on demand store. You can sign up for a free store and upload your artwork or photos onto products like t-shirts, mouse pads, iphone cases, etc. and mark the price up a bit and make money every time someone buys one of your products. I have a store on there but I don't have very many products and I don't promote it much. You'll get paid when you have at least $50 or you can request payment for a fee of $2.50. This is my store, Candy Kerosene (if anyone wants to see it. lol) ***Update: I have an art/zazzle blog now. Here it is if anyone is interested.***

App Trailers / App Redeem
These are two apps that give you points for watching videos. The reason I listed them together is because they are linked for some reason and they're almost exactly the same. The points you get in one will be in the other app if you log into it and vice versa. You can redeem 500 points for $0.50 paypal cash or 1,000 points for a $1.00 amazon gift card. They have other gift cards too but they cost a lot more points. These apps can be buggy at times but overall my experience has been pretty positive. You can read my review to learn more here. (If you are in App Trailers and get an error message when trying to cashout that says you don't have enough points, just log out and log into App Redeem and cash out on that one. I don't know why that happens but it does sometimes.)

This site pays people to transcribe short audio clips (usually 8-10 seconds long). You get paid as soon as you have at least $10 in your account and payment are made every Monday. This is a great site for people that want to get into transcription but don't have any experience. They aren't always hiring but you can sign up for their waiting list.

This is a revenue sharing site that lets you make money from how to articles. I don't really recommend them because they get very little traffic so it's hard to earn there but they do pay.

Darwin's Data
This is a survey company that asks you your opinion about legal issues. Surveys usually take about an hour to complete but you'll get a $25 Amazon gift card.

Tracy's Closet
This is a site that lets you upload clothing you want to sell. The site determines how many points an item is worth and you use points to buy other things on the site. Points are pretty easy to get and you even get points for checking in every day.
This is a "get paid to" type of site that pays in points that you can redeem for gift cards. I normally don't like sites like this but the points are super easy to get and you only need 100 to get a $1.00 Amazon gift card. If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon, they can really add up.

This is a "micro task" site similar to mTurk. I have very limited experience with this site because most of the tasks they have are things I'm not qualified to do or things I don't want to do. But I did get a payment of $0.10 from them for signing up so I know they do pay.
This is a great site for bloggers that like doing sponsored blog posts. It's a newer site so I have limited experience with it but so far I've gotten $25 for doing a sponsored post.

Google Opinion Rewards app
This is an app for your smart phone that gives you Google Play credits when you take their surveys. I just downloaded the app recently and got a survey to take right away which gave me $1.00 in credit but I haven't gotten any other surveys yet.

This is a site that pays people to read and review books. There are a lot of books on there that they want you to read for free but all you have to do is say no if you aren't interested. They don't have very many books that you can get paid to read so you have to search through them all to find the ones that are paying. I just got paid $10 for reading and reviewing a book. Reviews have to be 250 words and they'll also ask you to post it on amazon.
This site sends you questions about websites. For instance, they will send you a test and all you do is choose which version of a website you like the best. You get $0.10 for each test and you only need $1.00 to get paid. You won't make a ton of money doing this but it's not bad for pocket change.

This is a site that pays you to take surveys. Once you have 1,000 points you can redeem them for $10.00.

This is a site that pays you to take surveys. There is no minimum cashout, they'll pay you after you take a single survey.

Bing Rewards will give you points for searching on their site. You can redeem points for giftcards and if you use swagbucks you can redeem 500 points for 500 swagbucks (which if you redeem the $25 paypal reward on there, that's equal to $5.00.)
Perk gives you points for signing up for offers, shopping, etc. but the best thing about them is making money through their PerkTV app. You just start it up and let it play videos (very similar to the swagbucks apps) but (as of writing this) there is no daily limit on how much you can earn so you can run it 24/7 if you want. They have tons of gift cards or you can get $10 through paypal for 15,000 points. You can run their app on up to 5 devices 24/7 if you want and most people that do this report that doing so earns them about $1.00 per device a day. This is one of my favorite ways to make money right now.
Erlibird pays you to join focus groups to provide feedback on new websites. You can make between $5-$15 but they do charge a 4% fee for withdrawals (or at least a minimum of a $1.00 fee).


  1. This is so helpful I'm going to try some of this sites.


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  2. Wow. Nice, you are referring EVERYONE who comes here. sneaky. :D Thanks for the list.

  3. Um, I don't really see where you're getting "sneaky" at when I mention in the very beginning of the post that a lot of those are referral links.

  4. Hi Kristy, I like your post here. They are very interesting. Anyways, I tried to register on swagbucks but it doesn't seem to register when I click on Free Get Started button. Nothing happens when I click it. I tried different browser but it doesn't work.

    1. Try going here and send them a message explaining the problem and maybe they can help you. I really hope you're able to sign up. Good luck.

  5. Hi Kristy...Could you also point to some websites which offer to pay for Non US, UK and Canada citizens.

    1. I've never thought about it but I will go through and see which sites pay for non US citizens and make a post about it as soon as I can. =)

  6. Really helpful! However, I just want to ask about your experiences in Bubblews?

    1. I wrote a big long post about it here

      But to sum it all up...I wrote there, tried to redeem $25.01 (when the cashout limit was $25), didn't get paid, they ignored several of my e-mails, then a few days ago I just happened to come across a petition for people that haven't been paid by them. I signed it and the next day had an e-mail saying they sent me an e-check to paypal. It cleared today. So I finally got paid SEVEN MONTHS LATER lol...but yeah, that has been my experience. You can get on google and find tons and tons of other bad experiences with them. But some people do get paid. If you want to give it a shot my advice is to cash out the minute you can (I think it's $50 now) and wait and see if you actually get paid before doing anymore writing on there.

  7. awesome post! :) im a peruvian guy, and im trying to earn some money on internet.. Saludos

    1. Thank you :) I hope this post helps you out.

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