Scams to Avoid

Appstros is an app for tablets and smart phones that is supposed to pay you for downloading new apps and watching ads for apps. They don't pay. There are numerous complaints about them not paying in the Google Play store reviews but I decided to try them out anyway. Once I hit enough points to get a $1.00 Amazon gift card I tried to redeem my points but the button wouldn't work at all. I tried to contact them through their "support" button and that wouldn't work either. I e-mailed them and got no response. I didn't write a post about it because this is pretty much all I have to say about it so that would make a short post.

This is a revenue sharing writing site. You submit content and you're supposed to get paid. You don't get paid. Click here to read more about it. ***UPDATE: 2/4/2014: They finally paid me because I signed a petition. So I got paid SEVEN MONTHS LATER lol...but if you are going to write there PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Oh, Slice the Pie. This used to be a great site where you could listen to music and get paid to rate it. I used them for a few years with no problems but then one day out of the blue I found my account suspended. I e-mailed them about it and they said my reviews weren't constructive enough and they were refusing to pay me the money they owed me. On top of that, and you'll really get a kick out of this...they said that they would let me continue rating songs and IF they felt like my reviews were better, THEN they'd pay me. (Are you laughing? Yeah, I knew you'd enjoy that lol...). If you'd like to see everything else I've written about slice the pie, click here. Oh, don't forget to check out the comments on that post. Apparently I'm not the only one getting screwed.

Readbud is a site that says you can read articles and get paid a few cents for rating them. You are supposed to be able to get paid once you have at least $50 in your account. They never paid me. I e-mailed them several times as well and didn't receive a single response. If you'd like to read my review about them click here. (***Update: Looks like their website doesn't exist anymore. I'm glad this scam got shut down.***)

Fortunately I do a lot of research before even signing up for a site so I can usually find out if a site is a scam or not, which is probably why this page isn't longer. But if I know something is a scam from personal experience, I'll post it right here for the world to see. :)

Is there a site you know is a scam? Feel free to post about it below. People need to know this stuff.


  1. GreenBackStreet.
    The site is open, but they owe me hundreds of dollars in cashback. Has anyone else been paid during 2012? Is there a special way to get them to respond to requests for payment?

    1. That's awful :( I hate to hear that. I don't have any experience with the site myself but I might check it out now and see if they scam me. I don't know if they deal with sites like that but you might want to consider contacting the Better Business Bureau...they might be able to help you.


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