Monday, April 7, 2014

Passive Income with Perk! is a site that has different ways to make money. You can get points for searching, watching videos, shopping, using their browser, and watching videos on their PerkTV app. Playing videos on their app is the only thing I've done (so far) to earn money. This app works a lot like the Swagbucks apps (SBTV and EntertaiNow) except that there is no daily limit on how many points you can earn. As of writing this, you get 4 perk points every 2 videos. Another thing I really love about their app is that (so far) I haven't had any problems with it getting stuck on ads like the swagbucks apps do sometimes. I'm not saying that can't happen but so far it hasn't been a problem for me. So basically it really is passive income. You just start it up and let it play.

You are only allowed ONE account with BUT they do allow you to use the app on different devices at the same time. So far I've only used it on one but there are people that are going out and buying extra devices specifically for the purpose of running the app. I can't necessarily recommend doing that because these companies can change the rules or just go out of business all together at the drop of a hat so it's hard to say how long this will last. It could last several years or it could all end tomorrow. You just never know with online companies like this. I haven't actually checked into it myself, but people are saying if you run a device 24/7 you can make between $1.00 and $1.50 a day from it. If that is true you could buy several cheap devices and run them night and day and have a pretty nice chunk of change at the end of the month. BUT please don't quote me on that...that's just what I've heard some other people say. I haven't been running my device 24/7 because I use it for other things and I worry about the damage that might do to it. But if you do decide to buy any extra devices just to run this app I recommend getting something cheap (but make sure it has all the requirements to run the app). ***Update: They changed their TOS and said you can only have 5 devices per account.***

I just got a $5.00 Amazon gift card though them for 5,000 points. They have tons of gift cards or you can get $10 through paypal for 15,000 points.

They also have a referral program so if you are interested in joining please sign up through my referral link here but as always, if you'd rather not be a referral you can just go to Also, if you are interested in making money through the very similar swagbucks apps, click here to read about that.

Have you tried out perk or swagbucks? What do you think?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Extra Money I Made Online in March

It's been a crazy month so I didn't get to do a whole lot online this month but here we go...

Instant Cash Sweepstakes (Win money by taking small polls.)  -  $2.01
Swagbucks (Get paid to watch videos, do surveys, etc.)  -  $25.00
Yahoo Contributor Network (Get paid to write articles.)  -  $1.98 (This is residual for a handful of articles.)
Jingit (Get paid to watch video ads.)  -  $0.20 (Get paid to do surveys, click ads, etc. No minimum cashout limit.)  -  $0.23
Pinecone Research (Get $3 for every survey you take.)  -  $12.00
mTurk (Get paid to do microjobs.)  -  $7.80
App Trailers/App Redeem (Apps that pay you to watch videos.)  -  $0.50
Qmee (A browser extension that pays you for searching.)  -  $0.28
Sponsored Tweets (Get paid to tweet ads.)  -  $1.00
PollBuzzer (Get paid to take small polls.)  -  $1.00
Social Spark (Get paid to write sponsored blog posts.)  -  $21.64 (This is all from the referral program.)
InnoPoll (Get paid to take small polls.)  -  $2.00
Teckler (Get paid residual income for posting articles, pictures, etc.)  -  $1.23

So the total amount of money I made this month is $76.87.

Amazon Gift Cards
mPoints (A rewards program used by several different apps.)  -  $1.00 (Bing gives you points for using their search engine.)  -  $3.00
InstaGC (Get paid to click ads, do surveys, etc.)  -  $3.00
ChatAbout (Get paid to post on their site.)  -  $5.00

So the total amount of amazon credits I got comes to $12.00.

Google Play Store Credit
Google Rewards App (Pays you to take small polls.)  -  $1.84

Stuff I Got
I got a full size Tone body wash from BzzAgent.

Not a bad month considering I was pretty busy doing other stuff. Qmee seems to have really decreased the amount of ads I'm getting to click on when I search, so that sucks. I don't know if their idea isn't working out as well as they had hoped or what, but I still got a little from them this month so that's better than nothing.

Swagbucks has changed their apps (SBTV and EntertainNow) so that the amount of swagbucks you get varies from day to day but most of them time I get about 80 (from both combined). Before they made this change I was getting 90 so that's only about a 10 cent difference so that isn't too bad.

I'm in the process of checking out the PerkTV app from Perk is a site that pays you to watch ads, search, etc. and their app is very similar to the Swagbucks apps. You basically just open it up and let videos play. 5,000 points will get you a $5.00 gift card. I haven't been paid yet but I'm getting pretty close to 5,000 points so I should be soon. =)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review of Tone Body Wash

I recently got the chance to review Tone's new moisturizing body wash through BzzAgent. If you aren't familiar with BzzAgent, it's a site that sends you free products to check out and spread "buzz" about.

Anyway, they sent me Petal Soft with Pink Peony and Rose Oil. Honestly, I didn't expect to like it that much especially since I prefer body wash that has more of a sweet smell to it (like vanilla) but I like this body wash a lot. Usually I feel like things with any kind of flower scent smell artificial and very (for lack of a better word) chemical but this stuff actually smells really good. It lathers up really well too and I feel like that's important. I honestly don't know if that makes a difference or not in how clean you are but it feels like it does lol. My skin feels softer after using this body wash too.

They also have plenty of other choices in their line...

Mango Splash with Cocoa Butter
Daily Detox with White Clay & Pink Jasmine
Soothing Oatmeal with Shea Butter
Ocean Therapy with Deep Sea Extracts & Pearl Essence
Fruit Peel with Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids

(All opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own.)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get Paid to Search with Bing Rewards

You guys probably already know about It's a newer search engine that is trying to compete with google. But you might not know that they have a rewards program and they'll pay you to use their site.

You get points for searching and for clicking on the messages they have for you (you'll see these in the upper right hand corner of your account). You can redeem points for gift cards. If you use swagbucks you can get 500 swagbucks to add to your swagbucks account. I was going to do that but I got impatient and decided to get a $3.00 amazon card instead. I got it the same day I requested it. =)

They also have a referral program, so if you're interested in joining please click here to use my referral link. But as always, if you'd rather not be a referral you can just go to

As of right now, Bing Rewards is only available for users in the US.

If you like getting paid to search, you might also want to check out my review of Qmee.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Get Paid to Write Articles for Teckler

Teckler is a revenue sharing site that pays people for articles, videos and photos. So basically you can post pretty much anything you want. You can post short articles, long articles, pictures, etc.

You won't make much there. In fact, I really just use the site to post my artwork but every now and then I'll post a small article with a link to something else I've written. Some people probably make more but personally I just don't feel like it's worth putting a ton of effort into it. But as with any revenue sharing site, the more traffic you get, the more money you'll make.

The good thing about Teckler is that you only have to have $0.50 to get paid. A low cash out limit is something I always consider when deciding to use any kind of site. I logged in the other day (I hadn't been on the site in a while) and saw that I had over a dollar, so I requested payment and was paid a few days later.

Have you used Teckler? What do you think of it? If you're interested in signing up just go to

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