Thursday, August 28, 2014

Extra Money I Made Online In August

These summer months just fly by. I can't believe it's almost September already.

Swagbucks (Get paid to run videos on their apps, do surveys, etc.)  -  $50.00
Yahoo Contributor Network (Shutting down soon.)  -  $2.15
Zazzle (Passive income from selling your designs on t-shirts and other items.)  -  $5.75
PostLoop (Get paid to post on forums.)  -  $10.43
Pinecone Research ($3 for every survey you take.)  -  $18.00
mTurk (Micro jobs.)  -  $3.25
Qmee (A browser extension that pays you to search.)  -  $0.49 (Get paid to answer small surveys about websites.)  -  $1.26

So I made a total of $91.33 this month.

Amazon Gift Cards
Hit Predictor (Get prizes for rating music)  -  $5.00 Amazon
InstaGC (Get paid to click ads, do surveys, etc.)  -  $2.00 Amazon
Perk TV (App that pays you to play videos, pretty much completely passive.)  -  $50.00 Amazon (Running on 3 devices.)
Media Insiders Panel (An app that runs in the background on your smart phone.)  -  $14.00 Amazon

I made a total of $71.00 in Amazon credit.

Google Play Store credit
Google rewards app (Pays you to take small surveys.)  -  $1.57 google play credit

The swagbucks app and Perk TV remain my favorite ways to earn right now. But one of my devices (the tablet) messed up. Basically the power button has just worn out to the point it doesn't work anymore so now I can't get it to turn on. I knew this was coming (I've been having issues with it) so I'm down to two devices for a while which really sucks. I'm going to see if my boyfriend can fix it. Hopefully he can. If not I'll just have to buy a cheap phone or something because I really like getting $50 in amazon credit in a month!

In other news...I made a new hub on hubpages about The Lost World Caverns in Lewisburg, WV. My boyfriend and I went up there earlier in May and we really enjoyed it. I'm sure it won't stay "featured" for long since it isn't really the kind of thing people search for, but it's there for now. I'm trying to get back into writing on there but it's so hard to write the kind of stuff I'm interested in AND the kind of stuff other people are interested in. Oh well...

On top of that, I finally added two new items to my Zazzle store. Here they are. One I just call "Tragic Love" because I'm original like that lol....and the other is a slightly altered image from the 1902 film "Le Voyage Dans la Lune" or "A Trip to the Moon".

Tragic Love items are available for sale here.

"A Trip to the Moon" items are available for sale here.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Zazzle Payment Proof

Zazzle is a site I've been using a while. If you aren't familiar with how it works, basically you upload your art and photos to the site and sell them on t-shirts, posters, binders, etc. (basically they have just about anything you could want). They provide the actual items and you mark the price up a little and that is how much you make in profit. Anyway, I've never made much money from the site (but I haven't done much as far as promoting my stuff goes) and I usually just use my earnings to buy stuff on the site) but I recently cashed out so technically this makes my first actual paypal payment from them. Normally they don't pay you until you have at least $50.00 in your account (for a paypal payment) or $100.00 (for a check) but you can cash out sooner than that but they charge you $2.50 out of your earnings. 

My Phoenix stuff continues to be my best seller.
Sadly my Panda ain't gettin' no love. Come on ya'll, show him some love. lol

If you'd like to see the rest of my stuff my store is Candy Kerosene and I even have a blog for it even though it hasn't been updated in forever.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Extra Money I Made In July

I'm going to be busy the next few days so I'm going to go ahead and publish this a bit early. I wrote last month's post early too but I forgot to actually publish it which is why it was so late! lets get to it...

Swagbucks (Get paid to run videos on their apps, do surveys, etc.)  -  $75.00 (This was pretty much totally passive for me, see below.)
PostLoop (Get paid to post on forums.)  -  $10.88 (Get paid to take surveys, cash back on shopping, etc.)  -  $0.11 (No minimum cash out.)
Pinecone Research (Get $3 for every survey you take.)  -  $12.00
Qmee (Browser extension that pays you to search.)  -  $1.90 (No minimum cash out.)
Social Spark (Get paid to write sponsored blog posts. Sadly it's going to shut down soon.)  -  $32.20

So this month I made $132.09.

Amazon gift cards
Bing rewards ( will reward you for using their search engine.)  -  $3.00
InstaGC (Get paid to click ads, do surveys, etc.)  -  $2.00
Perk TV app (Get paid to run videos with their app. Completely passive income.)  -  $15.00
Media Insiders Panel App (An app that runs in the background on your phone.)  -  $5.00

I made $23.00 in Amazon gift cards. =)

Google Play Store Credit
Google Rewards (A survey app that pays for taking small surveys.)  -  $0.97 Google Play store credit

Swagbucks and PerkTV are my two favorite ways to earn right now. Swagbucks now has 4 apps you can use to earn and they all work the same. The first two have been around for a while, SBTV and EntertaiNow. But now they also have and They run pretty much completely by themselves except every now and then they will get stuck on an ad or something and you'll have to tap out of it but other than that you can let them run while you're doing something else. I love it. You only get $1-$2 a day (from all the apps combined, depending on how many points they're allowing that day) but it all adds up. I made $75 this month. If you don't need $75 I'll gladly take it off your hands! :D

After I hit my point limit on all the Swagbucks apps I start running the Perk TV apps. I've complained about their app in the past but they've improved it a lot and it's been running much better lately. You can get paypal cash but it costs a lot more points and I'm very impatient so I've just been getting the amazon cards. You can run the app on up to 5 devices at a time and 24/7 if you want. I already had a phone and tablet but I went ahead and bought one another phone (a Kyocera Hydro from Boost Mobile) on Amazon for about $34. If you decide to buy any devices just to run the perktv app on I wouldn't get anything really expensive because hours and hours of playing videos will wear it out eventually anyway and as with any online company could go up in smoke overnight. You never want to invest too much into things like this because you just never know. But so far things are going pretty good. =)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Extra Money I Made Online In June

It's that time again. I have been having a great summer so far! I have been slacking off because I've been spending so much time outdoors hiking and swimming and stuff. I hope you guys are having a great summer too. But lets jump right in....

Swagbucks (Get paid to watch videos on their app, do surveys on their site, etc.)  -  $25.00 (This is mostly passive income. See below.)
Yahoo Contributor Network (Get paid for writing articles.)  -  $2.92 (This is passive income for me for a handful of articles.)
PostLoop (Get paid to post on forums.)  -  $5.16
Jingit (Get paid to watch video ads.)  -  $0.30 (Get paid to take surveys, etc. No minimum cashout.)  -  $0.16
Pinecone Research (Get $3 for every survey you do.)  -  $12.00
mTurk (Do small tasks or micro jobs.)  -  $2.73
Qmee (A browser extension that pays you to search. No minimum cashout.)  -  $1.22
Sponsored Tweets (Get paid to tweet ads. Will be shutting down soon.)  -  $3.00
Social Spark (Get paid to blog, also shutting down soon.)  -  $28.53 (Get paid to take surveys.)  -  $2.00

So I made $83.02 this month. Could have done better but like I said, it's summer and I've been having too much fun. =)

Amazon gift cards
mPoints (A rewards program used by several apps.)  -  $2.00 amazon
Perk (Get paid to run videos on your smart phone or tablet.)  -  $10.00 amazon
AppOptix (An app you run in the background on your phone.)  -  $10.00 amazon

So I made $22.00 in amazon gift cards. Not too shabby!

Google play store credit
Google Rewards App (Pays you to take small surveys.)  -  $1.14 Google credit

So I'm pleased to say that Perk has really improved their PerkTV app! I don't know what they did but it's finally running really well on both my phone and tablet. It isn't freezing and getting stuck on ads constantly. Let's just hope this lasts. I still don't trust it enough to run out and buy another device to start "farming" as other people are...but maybe later if things keep going well.

Swagbucks is still awesome! Still my best and easiest earner. I only do the apps and it's pretty much completely passive except for keeping an eye on the apps every so often to make sure they haven't gotten stuck on an ad or something. But other than that it's the easiest money I've ever made.

The App Optix app is really great. I downloaded it a while back and completely forgot about it. It just runs in the background and gathers info about your phone (but nothing personal) and gives you points and once you have 300 you get a $10 amazon gift card.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review of Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunscreen

So I recently got to try out Coppertone ClearlySheer for Sunny Days sunscreen through BzzAgent. If you aren't familiar with BzzAgent, they send you products to try for free and all you have to do is give your honest opinion about them.

So anyway, I really couldn't have gotten this kit at a better time. I've been making it a point to spend more time outside cause every summer I tell myself I'm going to do just that and I never do. But this summer I've been swimming and hiking and stuff and it's been a lot of fun. So anyway, I've been using this stuff just about every day since I got it.

It says it won't cause breakouts and I have to say that seems to be true. I have always had horrible issues with acne but so far I haven't had any issues with breakouts since I've been using this stuff. I also love that it doesn't feel nasty and greasy and it is easily absorbed by the skin.

I've also always hated the smell of sunscreen. I can't say this stuff doesn't have a sunscreen smell to it at all, but it smells much better than your typical sunscreen so that's pretty awesome. 

And most important of all, it works. It's SPF 30 and I haven't gotten sunburned once! =) Just remember to reapply every 80 minutes or after swimming.

Have any of you tried this sunscreen yet? If so what do you think of it?
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